Texas Community Colleges
Purchasing & Compliance

Purchase Order Approval and Processing
Western Texas College is required to make all purchases within the laws and guidelines established by the State of Texas. Purchases of $500 - $4,999 must have proper approval. Purchases of $5,000 and up will require 3 quotes and must go through the Purchasing and Compliance Office.  


WTC Citibank Purchase and Travel Card Program (P-Card)
WTC offers purchasing cards to those employees who make moderate purchases on a regular basis and /or frequently travel for the college.  


Approved Drivers List
WTC can provide college-owned vehicles to pre-approved drivers for use when conducting college business. Fill out and sign the MVR Authorization form, the Wireless Communication form, and the 15-Passenger form. These can be emailed or dropped off at the Purchasing Office with a copy of your valid driver's license.

 Environmental Health and Safety - EPA / OSHA Compliance

Access to the following files may be granted by contacting compliance@wtc.edu

  • 2018 SPCC Plan 
  • EH&S Committee Minutes
  • Campus EPA / OSHA Self Inspection
  • Environmental Management System

WTC operates under an EMS (Environmental Management System) agreement with the EPA. Any questions regarding hazardous waste management and disposal should be directed to the Purchasing and Compliance office.

 2019-20 Environmental Health and Safety Committee
2022-23 Environmental Health and Safety Committee


Mitch Calhoun
Director of Purchasing, Compliance, and Contract Services