Texas Community Colleges

Opportunity Tuition Waiver

How to Volunteer with Approved Organizations for Community Service Hours

Initial requirements that must be fulfilled to receive the Opportunity Tuition Waiver are that Scurry County graduating students and returning sophomores must complete at least forty (40) hours of community involvement activities with an organization approved by Western Texas College. Only twenty (20) of those hours can be from a religious organization. Students may begin their volunteer hours during the summer following their senior year of high school.

Dual Credit students and returning Dual Credit students must complete at least twenty (20) hours of community involvement activities with an organization approved by Western Texas College. Only ten (10) of those hours can be from a religious organization.

A list of approved organizations is available from the Financial Aid Office at Western Texas College or just scroll down. Volunteer hours earned with organizations that are not on the approved list may not be accepted. Volunteer hours must be completed and submitted with the student's application by the 2nd Thursday of July of the academic year.

Please use one of the Time Records below to record your hours. The Time Record should be submitted no later than the 2nd Thursday in July to otw@wtc.edu.

High School Graduates/Returning Sophomore Time Record

Dual Credit Time Record


How to Volunteer

1. Browse the Approved Organizations below to confirm the organization with which you may volunteer your time. For each organization, you will find contact information, phone numbers, and a brief description of the duties to be performed.

2. After reviewing the list of approved organizations, choose one or more organizations with which you are interested in volunteering.

3. Before you contact the organization, refer to a calendar and make a note of the dates and times you are available to volunteer. Make a list of questions or information you would like to know about the organization or about the duties you will be expected to perform.

4. Call the organization's contact person as shown on the list of approved organizations. Identify yourself and explain that you are seeking volunteer work for Opportunity Tuition Waiver requirements. If possible, schedule a brief meeting with the contact person to discuss the volunteer opportunities.

5. Expect orientation and supervision. Generally, organizations that provide orientation, training, and supervision for their volunteers usually provide an excellent volunteer experience for students.

6. Know what is expected of you. When you choose an organization, be sure you have a very clear understanding of your volunteer responsibilities, the dates and times you are expected to work, the person you will report to, and the person who will supervise you and sign off on your TIME RECORD.

7. Know your volunteer job. Request that the organization provide you with a job description or specific explanation of the requirements of your volunteer work. Make sure you clearly understand what you will be doing.

8. Know your personal limitations. If the organization asks you to perform a volunteer job that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you should refuse to perform the task.

9. Honor your commitments. Always be on time, be courteous, and be accountable. The organizations and the people they serve will depend on you. They will appreciate you and the help you are providing more than you can imagine!


Approved Organizations for Community Service Hours

Afterschool Centers on Education (ACE)
Contact Person: Ana Montoya

Phone: 325-574-8971
Email: amontoya@snyderisd.net

Duties: Assist teachers and staff in the classroom and on student field trips. Help with necessary day-to-day program duties.


City of Snyder
Contact Person: David Nicholson or Gabby Scott

Phone: 325-573-4957
Email: dnicholson@ci.snyder.tx.us

Duties: Filing, document shredding, data entry, website building, computer work


Cogdell Memorial Hospital Auxiliary – Candy Striper Program
1700 Cogdell Blvd.
Snyder, TX 79549

Contact Person: Kathleen Baker
Auxiliary office: 574-7468
Cell: 575-3045

Duties: Volunteers will get the opportunity to become acquainted with the medical community by serving in various duties at the hospital. Duties include working in reception, gift shop, newspaper delivery, hospitality cart, snack bar and location guides


College on the Square (COS)
1806 26th Street

Snyder, TX 79549

Contact Person: Margo Mitchell
Phone: 325-574-6580

Duties:  Assisting COS staff with the overall administration of activities, depending on the events at the given time; assisting with the organization of files and administrative duties as assigned.


Development Corporation of Snyder

2514 Ave. R
Snyder, TX 79549 

Contact Person: Doug Dowler
Phone: 325-573-1544

Duties: Data collection and interpretation; economic modeling, statistics, marketing, public relations, city government, and networking.


Gateway Family Services

2707 25th Street
Snyder, TX 79549

Contact Person:  Jennifer Taylor
Phone: 325-573-1822

Duties:  Answering telephones, filing, sorting donations, assisting with children’s activities.
Hours:  Varies; weekdays and weekends.


Gateway Family Services Resale Shop (Previously Noah's Attic)
1503 26th Street

Snyder, TX 79549

Contact person: Shannon Moon
Phone: 325-436-0426

Duties:  Sort donations; stock the sales floor; clean and maintain order on sales floor.
Hours:  Tuesdays, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.; Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.


Hermleigh ISD
8010 Business 84H

Hermleigh, TX 79526

Contact Person: Kaycee Schafer
Email: kschafer@hermleigh.esc14.net

Duties: Students will have different assignments available. Some students will have the opportunity to work with elementary students in math, reading, and core course programs.  Other students will have the opportunity to work with maintenance crews to help improve and maintain facilities. Some students may work in the office area, while others will work with organizations in the district.


Historic Scurry County, Inc.

900 East Coliseum Drive (Heritage Village at the Coliseum)
Snyder, TX 79549

Contact Person: Elyndabeth Toland
Home: 573-0765

Duties:  Design posters, flyers, and logos.  Hosting at special events, dress in period costumes, design and make costumes, reenact events, website design, and newsletter and brochure design.  Duties may also be landscaping, research period plantings and history of designs, research history of Scurry County, building and construction techniques, new building acquisitions. Make a map of Heritage Village to scale and identify all structures.

Assistance also needed for special events held at the Heritage Village; class reunions, Western Swing guests, fundraising events.

Hours: To be arranged with the contact person or during special event dates


In Harmony Community Club

P.O. Box 41 Snyder, TX

Contact Person: Veena Clay
Email: inharmonylivn@gmail.com

Duties: Help with projects like the community greenhouse and all-organic community garden. Help with event planning, graphic design, and children’s programming.


6190 W FM 1606
Ira, TX 79527

Contact Person: Bobbie Hale
Email: bbaker@ira.esc14.net

Duties: Students will have different assignments available. Some students will have the opportunity to work with younger elementary students in a reading program. Other students may work with maintenance crews to work on projects to improve facilities. Other students may work in the office helping with clerical duties.


Jumpstart Enrichment for Tomorrow's Students (Jets)
4301 Ave U
Snyder, TX 79549 

Contact person: Collyns Correa
Phone: 325-574-8676
Email: volunteer@jets-scurry.com 

Duties: Help teachers in the classroom, help with outside maintenance, help maintain computers and technology, and various other tasks.
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am-5:30pm


Martha Ann Woman’s Club

1600 Martha Ann Blvd.
Snyder, TX 79549

Contact person: Lori Guerrero
Phone: 325-573-3427 or 325-575-2805

Duties:  Serve as host or hostess for banquets at the Woman’s Club; greet and see guests to their seats.  Keep tea or drink filled; pick up dirty dishes and return to the kitchen; get questions answered, if possible; help in the kitchen during the program, then clean and reset dining hall.

Hours:  As arranged; generally in the evenings Monday – Saturday, 11:00 – 2:00 on Sundays


Newlife Alliance - The Villages of Snyder

1021 37th Street
Snyder, TX 79549

Contact person: Property Manager
Phone: 443-863-5271 ext. 44892

Duties: Assist with learning and computer activities, arts and crafts or athletic activities for the after-school program and summer enrichment programs. The program is available to the children living at The Villages of Snyder.


Ritz Community Theatre

1810 26th Street
Snyder, TX 79549

Contact person:  Glenn Burns
Phone: 325-436-9515
Email: info@ritzcommunitytheatre.org

Duties: Help with the construction of sets, setting of lighting, and general aid to production crews.
Hours: As scheduled for each production.


Snyder Community Resource Center

1809 College Avenue
P.O. Box 1133 Snyder, TX

Contact person: Jessica Robbins
Phone: 325-436-0294

Mission Statement: Snyder Community Resource Center is an umbrella non-religious, non-profit organization that exists to help people take a step forward. We do this by providing assistance, referrals, and/or information in specific areas of need.

Duties: There are a variety of ways people can help. Helping with events such as the Back to School Bash, Pancakes with Santa, Blessings in a Bag, helping to move tables, chairs, and office duties as assigned.


Scurry County Clerk’s Office
1806 25th Street, Suite 300

Snyder, TX 79549

Contact person:  Melody Appleton
Phone: 325-573-5332

Duties:  Assist with office duties such as making folders, filing, making copies, scanning images into the computer, cleaning out storage rooms, reorganizing shelves; and other duties as assigned.
Hours:  Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Scurry County District Attorney’s Office

1806 25th St. #302

Snyder, TX 79549

Contact Person: Jerra Sturdivant
Phone: 325-573-2462

Duties: Filing, organizing, cleaning storage areas, answering phones, shredding papers, and other general office duties.
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to noon & 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Scurry County Girl Scouts

1820 26th St.
Snyder, TX 79549

Contact person:  Carmen Timora
Phone: 325-207-0065

Duties:  Cleaning up in Girl Scout Hut; helping lead Scouts in activities.
Hours:  To be scheduled with the contact person 


Scurry County Library

1916 23rd Street
Snyder, TX 79549

Contact person:  Amy Hodges
Phone: 325-573-5572

Duties: Database of obituaries, cleaning of shelves, yard work, window washing.
Hours: Monday-Friday, 10:00a.m.-6:00 p.m.


Scurry County Museum
6200 College Ave.

Snyder, TX 79549

Contact Person:  Tessa Holladay
Phone: 325-573-6107

Duties:  Assisting in preserving and caring for collections by wrapping quilts in archive paper, creating sleeves for photos, accessioning and marking artifacts, and other duties related to these activities.
Hours:  Monday – Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Scurry County Senior Center

2603 Avenue M
Snyder, TX 79549

Contact person:  Daphene Thompson
Phone: 325-573-4035

Duties: Help deliver meals with Meals on Wheels, either taking meals into homes or riding in vans to help with food trays.
Hours: Monday-Friday, 10:30am-12:00 noon


Scurry County United Way
2311 Ave T
Snyder, Texas 79549

Contact Person: Donell Alanis
Phone: 325-573-5311


Scurry County Youth Center
1500 28th Street
Snyder, TX 79549

Contact Person: Heather James
Email: youthcenter@co.scurry.tx.us

Duties: Daily house cleaning duties (cleaning, sweeping, mopping, help prepare meals), supervise during program times (triple play, smart moves, power hour, and passport to manhood)


Snyder Chamber of Commerce

2302 Avenue R
Snyder, TX 79549

Contact person: Summit Thomas
Phone: 325-573-3558

Duties: Answering phones, filing, event set-up, general office duties, etc.
Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm


Snyder ISD Administration
2901 37th Street

Snyder, TX 79549

Contact person: Dr. Rachel McClain
Phone: 325-574-8900

Duties: General office work, other duties throughout Snyder ISD Administration Building and other campuses.


Snyder Fire Department 

Contact Person: Perry Westmoreland
Phone: 325-573-6215
Email: pwestmoreland@ci.snyder.tx.us

Duties: Working alongside firemen on daily duties if feasible; observe firefighting activities; help with apparatus maintenance and station duties.


Snyder Food Cupboard
812 25th Street
Snyder, TX 79549

Contact person:  Johnny Irons
Phone: 325-574-3141

Duties:  Help with Food Cupboard operations, including filling bags with food, stocking shelves, carry-outs, and light cleaning.
Hours:  Tuesdays, 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon


Snyder Lions Club

2801 Denison Avenue
Snyder, TX 79549

Contact person:  Rose Ragland 
Phone: 325-573-6725

Duties:  To handle and model period and current clothing articles with care and be entertaining as well as respectful to donors and those in attendance.


Snyder Little Dribblers
492 CR 122
Snyder, TX 79549

Contact person: Jennie Sorrells
Phone: 325-207-2723

Duties:  Keeping books and time clock during basketball games
Hours:  As scheduled with contact person.


Snyder Little League 

Contact person: Johnny Pena
Phone: 325-575-3997

Duties: Assisting coaches with practice and games, keeping the scorebook, pitch count, operating the scoreboard.


Snyder Primary/Intermediate Schools

3601 El Paso
Snyder, TX 79549

Contact person: MaryAnn Leal
Phone: 325-574-8600

Duties: Student volunteers will help with summer office duties and school tasks; which need to be complete before school starts.


Snyder Rotary Club

P.O. Box 1031
Snyder, TX 79550 

Contact person: Geron Scates
Phone: 325-574-7626
Email: gscates@wtc.edu

Duties:  Help place flags in yards seven times per year.  Arrive at flag barn at 6:00 a.m. to help load flags for routes. Work with Rotary crew to drive flag stakes and set flags. Help pick up flags and stakes at 5:30 p.m. and unload at flag barn.
Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on scheduled flag days


Snyder Tiger Jr. Golf Camp 
Contact Person: Ricky Hunter

Phone: 325-207-0357
Email: rhunter@snyderisd.net

Duties: If the volunteers have a golf background they will assist in teaching golf skills in both one on one and small-group settings. They will also be needed for setting up, transition, and supervising the daily activities.


Western Texas College
6200 College Ave

Snyder, TX 79549

Contact person: Sheila Hale
Phone: 325-574-7943

Duties:  Volunteers will be assigned to assist in various departments on campus. Depending on the need, volunteers could be assigned to the grounds department, financial aid, golf course, business office, athletic department, etc.


WTC Coliseum
900 E. Coliseum Drive Snyder, TX 79549

Contact Person: Darla Wiggins
Phone: 325-574-6574

Duties: Involvement in event bookings, including helping Coliseum staff with organization of client needs, event set- up, hosting. Students can also plan and execute all aspects of an event of their choosing, under the supervision of Coliseum staff.


WTC New Student Orientation
6200 College Ave
Snyder, TX 79549

Contact person:  Ralph Ramon
Phone: 325-574-7934

Duties:  Opportunities can include general office work organizing and preparing for orientation.  Opportunities may also include assignments assisting on the day of the event.


Western Texas College NIRA Rodeo
6200 College Avenue
Snyder, TX 79549

Contact person:  Greg Rhodes
Phone: 325-574-7691

Duties: Working concession stand, loading livestock, or working chutes. Hours: As needed for annual rodeo; arrange with the contact person.


Western Texas College United Way Fall Fest
6200 College Avenue
Snyder, TX 79549

Contact person:  Sheila Hale
Phone: 325-574-7943

Duties: At the annual Fall Fest in October, help with set-up of booths, decorations, help staff booths, and help clean up.
Hours: As arranged with the contact person.


Revised 2/18/22