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Skills for Small Business Grant

Are you a small business owner with fewer than 100 employees? If so, Western Texas College can provide funding for workforce training and continuing education through our Skills for Small Business grant program. Small businesses that would like to upgrade their existing employees’ skills, train new employees when they are hired, or keep up with state-mandated training requirements can benefit from this grant.

The College has the resources to create specific training for your business either online or in-person. We can develop custom training programs, locate courses for your business, or fund training provided by experienced WTC instructors.

We can work with businesses in manufacturing, construction, industrial trades, retail, food service, technology, and much more. The grant can also cover the cost of mandatory annual training, continuing education requirements, and certification and licensing programs.

If you are interested in this funding opportunity and want to discuss how your small business can apply for the grant, please contact Margo Mitchell, Director of Workforce Development and Continuing Education, by calling 325-574-6581 or email margo.mitchell@wtc.edu.