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Well Control Training

Oil and Gas Operator Representative, Drilling, or Workover

Workforce Training Grants Available

Well Control Training is now available in Snyder!  

Our industry-leading well control training teaches your crew how to respond quickly and successfully to a well control incident, saving time, money, and lives.

Drilling Systems equipped the IADC Wellsharp™ training center with state-of-the-art technology in well control education at WTC’s Opportunity Center. Students utilize the interactive virtual environment onsite during in-person classes taught by IADC-certified instructors.

The Drilling Systems Technology in the lab includes:

  • the DrillSIM: Educator - delivers training scenarios in line with course programs using a cutting-edge teaching tool with interactive drilling controls & graphics, specifically designed for the classroom environment
  • the DrillSIM: 5 - a multi-station training environment with software-based simulation delivering a wide range of real-time drilling and well control training with interactive on-screen control panels
  • DrillSIM:20 - meets and exceeds drilling and well control industry accreditation standards such as IADC and IWCF with a cost-effective means of delivering hands-on well control training in real-time
  • DrillSIM: VR - An immersive learning delivery platform that uses Drilling Systems high fidelity digital rig environments as the virtual world for students to train
  • DrillSIM: Academic Cyber Chair (first of its kind!) - the world-class DS:5000 software functionality including drilling and well control; cementing, and workover in a generic, interactive, academic-focused hardware solution.

Students who take the course will be able to demonstrate drilling and well-control principles in real-time and improve their overall competence in safe rig operations. Upon successful completion of the course, students will obtain an IADC WellSharp™ certificate. The certificate requires 40 hours of training.

Well control training and the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) certificate allow industry employees to show that they have learned the latest in safety and efficiency for the oil and gas industry.

Workforce Training Grants are available.

For more information, contact Margo Mitchell at College on the Square by calling 325-574-6581 or email cos@wtc.edu.

The Texas Upskilling and Reskilling Grant through the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in partnership with North Central Texas College make The Western Texas College IADC Wellsharp™ Certification possible.