PSYC 2314
Life Span Growth and Development

Western Texas College

  1. Basic Course Information
    1. Course Description - Life-Span Growth and Development is a study of social, emotional, cognitive and physical factors and influences of a developing human from conception to death. (Rd, Wtg)
    2. Prerequisites – Student should be TSI complete in reading and writing.  It would be beneficial for the student to be aware or have some knowledge/skills with the Internet as well as having a reliable Internet connection.
  2. Student Learning Outcomes

    Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) as defined by the ACGM

    Critical Thinking

    Communication Skills

    Empirical & Quantitative Skills

    Social Responsibility

    Personal Responsibility

    Describe the stages of the developing person at different periods of the life span from birth to death.






    Discuss the social, political, economic and cultural forces that affect the development process of the individual.






    Identify factors of responsible personal behavior with regard to issues such as sexual activity, substance abuse, marriage and parenting.






    Explain the biosocial, cognitive and psychological influences throughout the lifespan as an ongoing set of processes, involving both continuity and change.






    Describe the different developmental perspectives of the major theories of development (i.e.: cognitive, learning, humanistic, and psychodynamic).






    Identify examples of some of the cultural and ethnic differences that influence development throughout the lifespan.






    Discuss the various causes or reasons for disturbance in the developmental process.






  3. Major Course Requirements
    1. Exams – There will be at least four (4) examinations, including the final examinations. The first major examination will not require a proctor, however subsequent examinations may require a proctor.  It is the student’s responsibility to acquire their proctor. The accepted online proctoring system or college testing site meet the course’s proctoring guidelines.
      Additionally there will reading quizzes for each chapter of the chosen textbook.  These exams will be primarily multiple choice in nature.
    2. There could be formative assessments throughout the course, some graded and some not.
    3. Writing Assignments - There could be multiple written assignments uploaded to the Moodle course management system. 
  4. Textbook Information
    1. The textbook can be acquired through various sources including the local campus bookstore.
    2. The following textbook is required: Essentials of Human Development: A Life-Span View: 2nd Edition by Robert V. Kail and J. Cavanaugh
      • Publisher: Cengage Learning
      • Print ISBN: 9781305504585, 1305504585
      • eText ISBN: 9781305856363, 1305856368
      • Edition: 2nd
      • Pages: 576
      • Copyright year: 2017
  5. Other Policies:  Please refer to the most recent version of the WTC Course Catalog for the following:
      1. Campus Calendar
      2. Final Examination schedule
      3. How to drop a class
      4. Withdrawal Information
      5. Student Conduct/Academic Integrity
      6. Students with disabilities
  6. Course Organization & Tentative Schedule
    Each semester syllabi will have specific deadline dates for the assignments, quizzes and examinations.


    Chapter 1 – The Study of Human Development

    Reading quiz and Chapter 1 Exam within first week.  You have one week to complete the Chapter 1 Exam.  It is open book and does not require a proctor.



    Chapter 2 – Biological Foundations
    Chapter 3 – Tools for Exploring the World
    Chapter 4 – The Emergence of Thought and Language
    Chapter 5 – Entering the Social World.


    Reading Quizzes 2-5 due.

    Exam  covers Chapters 2-5

    Exam must be Proctored
    Password Protected
    No books or notes



    Chapter 6 – Off to School
    Chapter 7 – Expanding Social Horizons
    Chapter 8 – Rites of Passage
    Chapter 9 – Moving Into the Adult Social World

    Reading Quizzes 6-9 due

    Possible Assignment

    Exam covers Chapters
    Exam must be Proctored
    Password Protected
    No books or notes



    Chapter 10 – Becoming an Adult
    Chapter 11 – Being With Others
    Chapter 12 – Work
    Chapter 13 – Making It Into Midlife

    Reading Quizzes 10-13 due

    Possible Assignment

    Exam covers Chapters
     10 - 13

    This exam will not require a proctor!!!



    Chapter 14 – The Personal Context of Later Life
    Chapter 15 – Social Aspects of Later Life
    Chapter 16 – The Final Passage

    Reading Quizzes 14 -16 due



    Must be proctored!!!!

    Final Exam covers Chapters 14 - 16
    Must be Proctored
    Password Protected
    No books or notes


    The above schedule, policies, procedures, and assignments in this course are subject to change.



Last Modified: October 5, 2017