PHED 2101
Advanced Golf/Recreational Golf

Western Texas College
Department of Physical Education

  1. Basic Course Information
    1. Course description- This is an activity class in golf.  Content includes basic rules of play, basic swing mechanics, and various forms of games that can be played.
    2. Prerequisites- Prior knowledge of golf, and basic understanding of golf etiquette.
  2. Student Learning Outcomes
    1. The student will learn the basic rules of golf and be able to complete a rules test.
    2. The student will able to identify the ball flight tree to be used in basic swing mechanics.
    3. The student will learn different types of formats that can be played as well as any differences in rules.
  3. Major Course Requirements
    1. Each student is required to play 8 rounds of golf throughout the semester.  The student is required to turn each of those scorecards with a signature into my office before the last day of class.  Each round that is short of the required 8 will be a letter grade deduction.
    2. Each student will take and pass a short rules exam and be required to pass a ball flight tree test.
  4. Other Policies:  Please refer to the WTC Course Catalog for the following:
    1. Campus Calendar
    2. Final Exam schedule
    3. How to drop a class
    4. Withdrawal information
    5. Student Conduct/Academic Integrity
    6. Students with disabilities
    7. Departmental Policy in regard to make-up/late work.  Students must explain and make up all excused absences as soon as possible after the absence.



Last Modified: August 19, 2015