PHED 1308
Sports Officiating

Western Texas College
Department of Physical Education

  1. Course Description
    1. Course is designed to give instruction in the officiating of selected sports. The major sports covered in this course are soccer, volleyball, football, basketball, baseball, and softball. Standards for officiating and rules for each sport will be included.
    2. Prerequisites – None
  2. Methods of Instruction
    1. Lecture
    2. Handouts
    3. Group work
    4. Individual demonstration
    5. Discussion
  3. Textbook
    1. No Textbook required for this course.
  4. Student Learning Outcomes
    1. Upon successful completion of the course the student will:
      1. Interpret and enforce contest rules in a variety of sports and games.
      2. Demonstrate officiating mechanics and techniques in a variety of sports and games for appropriate age and skill level.
      3. Develop a personal philosophy guided by rules, ethics, and etiquette necessary to be an effective official.
      4. Apply problem-solving techniques relevant to officiating a sports contest and how to maintain a positive self-image in a group contest environment.
      5. Assess and manage player, coach, and spectator behaviors when officiating to provide a healthy sport environment.
      6. Identify governing bodies of various sports and procedures for becoming an official.
  5. Grade Categories
    1. Tests:..............................600 points  (50 points for individual sport tests, 150 points for mid-term and final).
    2. Observations:..................200 points  (25 points each)
    3. Homework:.......................200 points  (50 points each)
  6. Course Requirements
    1. Attendance – Self explanatory. Student must be in class to obtain knowledge from course content and material discussions.
    2. Tests – The course will have 8 tests. There will be a test at the end of each sports unit covering the history and current trends within the sport. It will also cover rules and mechanics that are specific to that sports competition. There will also be a mid-term and a final which make-up 35% of student’s grade for course.
    3. Observations – Students will be required to attend 8 sporting functions and observe the contests. They will write an observation describing what contest they attended. Identify home and away teams, fan interaction (distraction), coaches’ attitudes and actions, and outcome of contest. The observation should also identify officials’ actions throughout contest. Did the officials control the game or did they allow the athletes / coaches to dictate control? Were officials an impact on result or did better team win? If you had been the official, what would you have done differently? Did normal pregame activities occur?
    4. Homework – Students will complete 4 homework assignments pertaining to sports officials and specific sporting contests.
  7. Other Policies: Please refer to the WTC Course Catalog for the following:
    1. Campus Calendar
    2. Final Exam schedule
    3. How to drop a class
    4. Withdrawal information
    5. Student Conduct/Academic Integrity
    6. Students with disabilities
  8. Course Organization & Tentative Schedule*





Syllabus and course content

Basic Officiating Module

  • This module will look at qualifications and requirements for officials

Homework I

Soccer Module 

  • The history of Soccer and rules of the game
  • Applying the rules of the game

Soccer Test

Volleyball Module

  • The history of Volleyball and rules of the game
  • Applying the rules of the game

Volleyball Test

Football Module 

  • The history of Football and rules of the game
  • Applying the rules of the game

Football Test
Homework II

Mid-Term Exam

Mid-Term Exam (This Exam covers content from the Soccer, Volleyball, and Football Modules)

Mid-Term Exam

Basketball Module

  • The history of Basketball and rules of the game
  • Applying the rules of the game

Basketball Test
Homework III

Baseball Module

  • The history of Baseball and rules of the game
  • Applying the rules of the game

Baseball Test

Softball Module

  • The history of Softball and rules of the game
  • Applying the rules of the game

Softball Test
Homework IV

Final Exam
12/7/15 – 12/10/15

Final Exam (This Exam covers content from the Basketball, Baseball, and Softball Modules)

Final Exam




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