PHED 1308
Sports Officiating

Western Texas College
Department of Physical Education

  1. Course Description
    1. Course is designed to give instruction in the officiating of selected sports. The major sports covered in this course are soccer, volleyball, football, basketball, baseball, and softball. Standards for officiating and rules for each sport will be included.
    2. Prerequisites – None
  2. Methods of Instruction
    1. Lecture
    2. Handouts
    3. Group work
    4. Individual demonstration
    5. Discussion 
  3. Textbook
    1. Successful Sports Officiating 2nd edition American Sports Education Program
      ISBN: -10:0-7360-9829-1
  4. Student Learning Outcomes
    1. Upon successful completion of the course the student will:
    2. Understand the ethical and legal responsibilities involved in sports officiating.
    3. Demonstrate officiating techniques for soccer, volleyball, football, basketball, baseball, and softball.
    4. Demonstrate knowledge of the rules for soccer, volleyball, football, basketball, baseball, and softball.
  5. Grade Categories
    1. Tests: 100 points each                                      
    2. Observations: 20 points each 
    3. Course questions:  20 points each 
    4. Papers/Assignments: 50 points each
       A - 90 to 100
      B - 80 to 89
      C - 70 to 79
      D - 60 to 60
      F - 0 to 59
  6. Course Requirements
    1. Attendance - Student must be in class to obtain knowledge from course content and material discussions.
    2. Tests - The course will have tests over individual sport competencies. The tests will cover sports units to include history, sports rules,officials mechanics and signals.
    3. Observations - Students will be required to attend sporting functions and observe the contests. They will write an observation describing what contest they attended. Identify home and away teams, fan interaction (distractions), coaches’ attitudes and actions, and outcome of contest. The observation should also identify officials’ actions throughout contest. Did the officials control the game or did they allow the athletes / coaches to dictate control? Were officials an impact on result or did better team win? If you had been the official, what would you have done differently? Did normal pregame activities occur?
    4. Course questions - Each chapter will have a course question. The question will for assignment students will answer a chapter question for all chapters.  There will be one question due each week during the course.  Each written summary is to be at least one to two paragraphs over what the question covers, and your thoughts on the topic covered.
    5.  Papers/Assignments - The course will have papers and assignments that are due throughout the course. These papers will cover topics that we are discussing in this course during the semester.
  7. Late Work Policy - All work is due on dates assigned if student wishes to receive full credit.  However I do realize that circumstances can lead to assignments being late or not turned in.  If you wish to make up work talk with instructor, and it is up to the instructor for approval to turn in late work. Instructor has right to drop students for failure of attendance or missed class work. Make sure to check moodle date for last day to complete any late work for semester. If you miss an assignment please email instructor before submitting it into moodle for instructions on how to submit any late course work.
  8. Other Policies: Please refer to the WTC Course Catalog for the following:
    1. Campus Calendar
    2. Final Exam schedule
    3. How to drop a class
    4. Withdrawal information
    5. Student Conduct/Academic Integrity
    6. Students with disabilities
  9. Course Organization & Tentative Schedule*



Week 1

Syllabus and course content

Basic Officiating Module
Week 2-3

This class will look at qualifications and requirements for officials

Week 4-5

The history of Basketball and rules of the game
Applying the rules of the game

Week 6-7

The history of Basketball and rules of the game
Applying the rules of the game

Week 8-9

The history of Softball and rules of the game
Applying the rules of the game

Week 10-11

The history of Football and rules of the game
Applying the rules of the game

Week 12-13

The history of Volleyball and rules of the game
Applying the rules of the game

Week 14-15

The history of Soccer and rules of the game
Applying the rules of the game

Officiating conclusion
Week 16 /

Final Class meeting

*Schedule subject to change due to weather, class needs, or instructor choice


Last Modified/Reviewed: March 6, 2019