INRW 0303
Integrated Reading and Writing - Advanced

Western Texas College

Course Description: INRW 0303 is a combination lecture/laboratory skills-centered approach designed to refine reading and writing skills.  Focus is on applying critical reading skills for organizing, analyzing, and retaining material and developing written work appropriate to the audience, purpose, situation, and length of the assignment. The course focuses on basic academic reading and writing skills that will be demonstrated with a variety of academic essays and with a required lab. Successful completion of the course fulfills the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements for reading and writing; however, the course will not apply toward graduation requirements and will not apply toward graduation requirements and will not transfer.

Prerequisites:  INRW 0303 is designed for students whose placement scores, in adherence to TSI, indicate a need for reading and writing skills improvement or have successfully completed INRW 0302.

  1. Student Learning Outcomes
    1. Students will read a selection of academic texts and will then create an appropriate written response to the prompts. 
    2. Students will work to improve basic reading skills and grammar knowledge through the use of the online WTC English Lab. The students will demonstrate proficiency on a final exam that consists of a grammar portion and a reading passage with a coordinating writing prompt.
  2. Major Course Requirements
    1. Assignments: Students will be assigned a mixture of several short reading and writing assignments and essays occurring regularly throughout the semester.
    2. Labs: Students are required to complete weekly lab assignments. Lab work is expected to be done outside of class.
    3. Exams:  There will be exams spaced throughout the semester Periodic quizzes may be assigned.
    4. Discussion/Participation: A portion of the grade may be assigned based upon classroom participation and discussion. Attendance will be crucial.
  3. Information on Books and Other Course Materials - Kemper, David. Fusion: Integrated Reading and Writing; Book 1. Wadsworth: Boston, 2013. ISBN: 978-1-133-31215-4.
  4. Other Policies:  Please refer to the WTC Course Catalog for the following:
    1. Campus Calendar
    2. Final Exam schedule
    3. How to drop a class
    4. Withdrawal information
    5. Student Conduct/Academic Integrity
    6. Students with disabilities
    7. PLAGIARISM: Essays must be submitted electronically to the plagiarism-checking site Under WTC policy, plagiarism may result in the student being dropped from class. Students suspected of plagiarism will be consulted. Students found guilty of plagiarism will be dropped.
  5. Course Organization and Schedule*

In addition to the following sixteen-week schedule, supplemental grammar and reading exercises will be assigned weekly in Moodle.

Week 1

 INRW Pre-tests w/Grammar, Reading, & Essay Portions

Week 2

Finish Pre-tests / Discuss First Day Handout & Expectations

Week 3

Chp. 1-2 Reading-Writing Connection & Academic Reading and Learning / Annotating & Summarizing

Week 4

Continue Chp. 1&2 and TEST

Week 5

Chp. 3 Traits of Academic Reading

Week 6

Continue Chp. 3 and TEST

Week 7

Instruction & Practice Writing Introductions & Conclusions (classroom lecture)

Week 8

Review & Midterm Exam (covering Chp.1-3, notes, & grammar from lab)

Week 9

Chp. 12 Reading & Writing Cause & Effect / Logical Sequence / Details

Week 10

Chp. 12 (Cont’d.) Writing Cause & Effect - Organization

Week 11

Chp. 13 Reading & Writing Comparison / Assessing Similarities & Differences

Week 12

Chp. 13 (Cont’d.) Reading & Writing Comparison

Week 13

Chp. 14 Reading & Writing Argumentation / Author’s Purpose & Intended Audience

Week 14

Chp. 14 (Cont’d) Reading & Writing Argumentation / Logical Support /
Writing & Revising Examples and Explanations

Week 15


Week 16

Final Exam


*Disclaimer: “The above schedule, policies, procedures, and assignments are subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstance.”



Last Modified: August 18, 2015