IMED 1345
Interactive Digital Media I

Western Texas College

  1. Basic Course Information
    1. Exploration of the use of graphics and sound to create interactive digital media applications and/or animations using industry standard authoring software. Any required prerequisites: None.
  2. Student Learning Outcomes
    1. Develop an interactive digital media presentation integrating different types of media; design a navigation scheme; and demonstrate animation techniques.
  3. Major Course Requirements
  4. Requirement: Full version Adobe Flash CS6
    1. Information on Books and Other Course Materials
    2. Book: Adobe® Flash® Professional CS6 Illustrated, WAXER; ISBN 10: 1133526004 
  5. Other Policies, Procedures and Important Dates are available in the Catalog.
  6. Course Organization and Schedule
    1. Weekly Course Schedule


Section/Online Work

Week 1

Moodle, setup files

Week 2

Unit A: Getting Started w/Adobe Flash

Week 3

Unit B: Creating
Graphics and Text

Week 4

Finishing up Units A & B

Week 5

Exam A & B and Work on Project

Week 6

Unit C: Using Symbols and the Library Panel

Week 7

Unit D: Creating Animation

Week 8

Unit C & D are due

Week 9

Exam C & D

Week 10

Unit E: Optimizing and Publishing a Project

Week 11

Unit F: Creating
Buttons and Using Media

Week 12

Unit G: Getting Started with ActionScript 3.0

Week 13

Units E, F &G are due

Week 14 Exam E, F &G
Week 15 Work on Project
Week 16 Work on Project


Disclaimer:  Schedule and content is subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.




Weekly Assignments









Mid- Term & Final Exam




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