HALT 2486

Western Texas College

  1. Basic Course Information
    1. Course description:  A work-based learning experience that enables the student to apply specialized occupational theory, skills and concepts. A learning plan is developed by the college and the employer.
    2. Any required or recommended prerequisites. Including permission of division chair for enrollment: No prerequisites.
    3. Credit hours: 4 hour credit
    4. Breadth and major requirements for course fulfills: Course fulfills TLM degree/certificate requirements.
  2. Information about Student Learning Outcomes
    1. Student Learning Outcomes (SLO):  A student learning outcome is what an instructor expects a student to know after completing the course.  An SLO is anything that a student knows, does, thinks or feels as a result of an educational experience.  The following are SLO expectancies of this course:
      1. As outlined in the learning plan, apply the theory, concepts, and skills involving specialized materials, tools, equipment, procedures, regulations, laws, and interactions within and among political, economic, environmental, social, and legal systems associated with the occupation and the business/industry and will demonstrate legal and ethical behavior, safety practices, interpersonal and teamwork skills, and appropriate written and verbal communication skills using the terminology of the occupation and the business/industry - Students may vary in their competency levels.  You can expect to succeed only if you honor all course policies, attend class regularly, complete all assigned work on time and meet all other course expectations.
  3. Course Requirements, methods of assessment, assessment criteria, grading standards
    1. Grading system:  Final grades will be assigned based on a percentage system of assignments.  Students will earn an A, B, C, D, F, I, W, Q. Final grades are as follows:

      A=90% and above
      F=59% and below

    2. Graded course requirements:  Completion of internship and evaluation by employer, ten page paper documenting summer internship, and a presentation concerning the internship.
    3. Study aids:  NA
    4. Grade percentages:
    Completion of Internship/Evaluation from Employer – 33.3%
    Ten page paper documenting internship – 33.3%
    Presentation concerning internship – 33.3%
    1. Course requirements aside from those computed in the grade:  NA
    2. Extra credit options: NA
    3. Campus support services: NA
  4. Information on the Readings
    1. Required books:  NA
    2. “Class Pack”: NA
    3. Required reading:  NA
    4. Readings on reserve:  NA
    5. Commercial lecture notes:  NA
  5. Other Required Course Materials
    1. Supplies and equipment:  Camera for documenting work experiences
  6. Course organization and schedule
    1. Weekly course schedule - Week 1 – Class will meet to determine schedule for rest of semester concerning meeting dates for the rest of the semester and due dates for papers and presentations.
    2. Disclaimer:  The above schedule, policies, procedures and assignments in this course are subject to change.
  7. Course Policies and Class Conduct
    1. Make-up tests or late assignments: There will be no make up exams given and no late assignments accepted.  If a student knows that he/she will be gone on the day of an exam or assignment, arrangements must be made prior to the absence.
    2. Attendance policy:  All students are expected to attend all classes and labs and on time. If a student comes in late, it will count as an absence.  After a student has been absent three hours, it will be reported to the counseling center.  After a total of six hours missed, the student may be administratively dropped.  Disruptive behavior will result in the student being removed form the class. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure they are on a roll sheet.
    3. Academic integrity:  Cheating will result in being removed from the class.
    4. Cell Phones:  Cell phones must be turned to silent or turned off during class.
    5. Lab safety and health:  NA
  8. Other Policies
    1. SAFETY:  A number of safety measures are in place for your continued protection.  In the    event of inclement weather, shelters have been designated at several locations on campus.  Your student handbook will have a map of these locations and you should familiarize yourself with each.  The shelters will be marked at the entrance.  Western Texas College is part of the citywide call list, which is activated by the local law enforcement personnel.  Warnings will be given throughout the campus once the call is received.
    2. EMERGENCY: All offices serve as emergency communications points.  Please notify the nearest WTC staff member should you become aware of the need for assistance of any type.  Campus phone: Dial 911.
    3. BAD WEATHER POLICY: In the event of classes being dismissed for inclement weather, holiday, national disaster, or other unavoidable circumstance, the instructor will be responsible for notifying the students as to what the make-up requirements will be.  Sufficient work will be documented to offset the number of hours missed.  This notification of required make-up work will be given to students within one week upon resuming classes.
    4. ADA STATEMENT: Western Texas College does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities.  The college counselors have been designated to coordinate compliance with the nondiscrimination requirements contained in section 35.107 of the Department of Justice regulations.  Information concerning the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the rights provided there under, are available from the college counselors.
    5. SPECIAL ASSISTANCE:  If, as a result of a disability, a student needs special assistance to participate in a class, the counselor is to be notified immediately so that the prescribed process can be initiated.
    6. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION:  Western Texas College is an equal opportunity institution and is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.



Last Modified: November 18, 2014