HALT 2331
Advanced Landscape Design

Western Texas College

  1. Basic Course Information:
    1. Course description: In-depth coverage of advanced practices in landscape planning for commercial and residential landscapes. Topics include advanced design analysis, architectural elements, space articulation, and land engineering concepts. Plan preparation, and design with CAD program.
      Required prerequisites-There is no prerequisites for this class.
    2. Student Learning Outcomes:  Design landscape plans including construction and planting details and specifications; and produce a graphic drawing of a landscape.
    3. Demonstrate the appropriate procedures utilized in the development of a client interview. Student will gather required information for a design project and incorporate it into a design.  Grading will be based upon the amount of information gathered and properly entered into the design.
    4. Create acceptable landscape designs. Grading will be based upon the thoroughness and complexity of the designs and the ability to follow directions.
  2. Major Course Requirement:
    1. Various course assignments
    2. Four unit tests
    3. Final exam
  3. Information on books and other course materials:
    1. Required Book Plan Graphics for the Landscape Designer-Tony Bertauski ISBN# 9780131720633
    2. Other Policies, Procedures: Please refer to the WTC Course Catalog.
    3. Policy on Academic Integrity - Cheating and plagiarism are dishonest.  Plagiarism (using, stating, offering or reporting as one’s own idea, expression or production of another person) carries the penalty of being dismissed from class with a grade of F.  A second violation may result in suspension from school.  This is also true of cheating on exams and any other activities identified in the student handbook under this heading.
    4. ADA Statement - Western Texas College is an equal opportunity institution and is in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act.  Any student who has a physical, emotional, or learning disability can apply for accommodations through the Counseling Center.  Individual programs are designed to give students with disabilities equal access to all phases of college life.
    5. Special Assistance - If, as a result of disability, a student needs special assistance to participate in a class, the counselor is to be notified immediately so that the prescribed process can be initiated.
    6. Affirmative Action - Western Texas College is an equal opportunity institution and is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  4. Course Organization and Schedule
    1.  Weekly Course Schedule

    Week Number

    Section/Online Work

    Week 1

    Getting Started

    Week 2

    Landscape design process

    Week 3

    Refresh use of drafting tools

    Week 4

    Lines, Lettering and symbols

    Week 5

    Plan drawing

    Week 6

    Client interview

    Week 7

    Design #1

    Week 8

    Design #1

    Week 9

    Design #2

    Week 10

    Design #2

    Week 11

    Computer graphics

    Week 12


    Week 13


    Week 14


    Week 15


    Week 16

    Final Exam

***Class Schedule subject to change.



Last Modified: August 18, 2015