DRAMA 1310
Theatre Appreciation/ Introduction to Theatre

Western Texas College
Department of Drama

    1. Basic Course Information
      1. Course Description - Survey of theater including its history, dramatic works, stage techniques, production procedures, and relation to other art forms.
      2. Prerequisite: None
      3. Introduction to Theatre emphasizes the study of the development of western theatre. This class is an overview of Western Civilization's theatre practices from the Ancient Greeks to contemporary American theatre. We read, watch, and interact with representative plays and theatre practices. NO ACTING - This is a lecture class.
    2. Student Learning Outcomes - Upon successful completion of this course, students will:
      1. Analyze theater through written responses to play texts and/or live performance.
      2. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of theater history and dramatic works.
      3. Describe the collaborative nature of theater arts.
      4. Demonstrate the relationship of the arts to everyday life as well as broader historical and social contexts.
    3. Major Course Requirements
      1. Read 7-9 plays
      2. Write four Evaluative Annotated Bibliographies.
      3. Take 7-9 Multiple choice Quizzes
      4. Midterm and Final
      5. Attend two Play productions
      6. Topic Quizzes
    4. Books and other Course Materials
      1. Hacker, Diana.  A Pocket Style Manual. 5th ed.  New York: Bedford/St. Martin.  2008.
      2. Jacobus, Lee A., ed. The Bedford Introduction to Drama 6th ed. New York: Bedford/St. Martin, 2009.
      3. Shepard, Sam.  True West. New York: Samuel French, 2010.
      4. Essays and readings provided on Moodle and the WTC library.
    5. Other Policies:  Please refer to the WTC Course Catalog for the following:
      1. Campus Calendar
      2. Final Exam schedule
      3. How to drop a class
      4. Withdrawal information
      5. Student Conduct/Academic Integrity
      6. Students with disabilities
      7. Departmental policy regarding late/make up work: No late or makeup work will be accepted.
      8. See class Syllabus
    1. Theatre Appreciation Schedule

      Unit 1


      Unit 2

      Trifles /Lecture/Essay Modern theater

      Unit 3

      Intimate Apparel /Lecture/Essay Contemporary theater

      Unit 4

      Attend Live Performance

      Unit 5

      True West / Lecture Essay Contemporary theater

      Unit 6

      Oedipus, Greek and Roman

      Unit 7

      Everyman, Medieval

      Unit 8

      MIDTERM [On-line must test in a proctored cite]

      Unit 9

      Hamlet / Elizabethan

      Unit 10

      Attend Live Performance

      Unit 11

      Tartuffe / Restoration

      Unit 12 Earnest Early Modern
      Unit 13 FINAL [On-line must test in a proctored cite]


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