CTEC 1401
Applied Petrochemical Technology

Western Texas College

  1. Basic Course Information
    1. Instruction in the basic principles of physics and their application to process facilities.
    2. Topics include physical laws and properties and how these relate to the operation of processes.
  2. Student Learning Outcomes
    1. Define terms and principles of applied physics.
    2. Solve problems using basic laws of physics.
    3. Use principles of physics to perform calculations on the operation of plant equipment.
  3. Major Course Requirements
    1. Homework
    2. Lab participation / attendance
    3. Test / Final Exam
  4. Information on Books and Other Course Materials
    1. TBA
  5. Other Policies, Procedures and Important Dates
    1. Please refer to the WTC Course Catalog
  6. Course Organization and Schedule - Disclaimer: Schedule and content is subject to change at the instructor’s discretion
  1. Grading - All material must be turned in prior to the week of finals; written work will not be accepted week of finals.
    Homework 40%
    Lab 30%
    Test (2)  20% (10% each)
    Attendance 10%
    Disclaimer: Grading percentages subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.
  2. Schedule (subject to change)
Week 1 Newton’s first law of motion and Linear motion (displacement, velocity, acceleration)
Week 2 Newton’s second law of motion & Newton’s third law of motion
Week 3 Momentum
Week 4   Test 1
Week 5 Work and Energy
Week 6 Rotational motion
Week 7 Electric Current & Electrostatics
Week 8 Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction
Week 9 Test 2
Week 10 Atomic nature of matter (Solids, Liquids & gases)
Week 11 Atomic nature of matter (Solids, Liquids & gases)
Week 12 Temperature, heat and expansion
Week 13 Heat transfer
Week 14  Change of Phase & Thermodynamics
Week 15 Review
Week 16 Final




Last Modified: August 29, 2016