COMM 1307
Introduction to Mass Communications - Online

Western Texas College

  1. Basic Course Information:
    1.  Course Description: The study of theories and models of mass communication, the relationship of mass media and society, and trends in various forms of media.
    2. Required Prerequisite:  None
  2. Student Learning Outcomes Upon Successful completion of this course, students will:
    1. Demonstrate understanding of the fundamental types, purposes, and relevance of mass communication.
    2. Demonstrate understanding of mass media in historic, economic, political, and cultural realms.
    3. Demonstrate understanding of the business aspects of mass media and the influence of commercialism.
    4. Demonstrate understanding of evolving media technologies and relevant issues and trends.
    5. Demonstrate understanding of mass media values, ethics, laws, and industry guidelines.
    6. Demonstrate understanding of globalization of mass media.
    7. Demonstrate understanding of media effects on society.
  3. Assessment:  Assessment will be measured with written response to discussion questions, quizzes and exams.
  4. Major Course Requirements
    1. Major Requirement: Student will be required to engage weekly in course content and follow the deadlines.  No late work accepted, no extensions given, all deadlines are final.
  5. Information on Books and Other Course Materials
    1. Required Book: The Media of Mass Communication, Vivian; 11th Edition ISBN-13: 978- 0- 205- 02958- 7 / Textbook is required.
    2. Other:  Links to Video, or other materials will be provided.
  6. Other Policies, Procedures and important dates
    1. Refer to the WTC Catalog
    2. Academic Integrity:  Plagiarism and any other form of academic dishonesty will result in a zero for the assignment.   A second offense will result in a failing grade for the class.
    3. Late assignments will not be accepted.
    4. Grades - All assignments, exams, etc.  Will be given a point value.  Grades therefore, will be the percentage of the points earned, vs. the total points possible.   For example, if at the end of the semester, there were a possible 1000 points and you earned 900, then you would have a 90 percent grade. 
    5. Discussion Questions = 20 points/ Homework Assignments = 20 points/ Chapter Quizzes = 20 points /Unit Exams = 100 points/ Semester Final Exam = 150
    6. Schedule – There will be times when I am away from campus, however, your assignments are still due.  You cannot go back and make up a week. 
    7. Success – The number one way to be successful in this course is to stay engaged.  Check for any announcements or changes on a daily basis.  Manage your time and complete your assignments.  Again, if you miss a week, YOU CANNOT GO BACK.  LATE ASSIGNMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED, AND EXAMS WILL NOT BE RESCHEDULED.
    8. UNIT EXAMS – These exams will generally include information from 3-4 Chapters, and you will have the entire week to complete them.  However, they cannot be saved and then completed later.  Once you start a quiz or an exam, you are committed to complete it within the time allotted.  Unit exams and the semester final are proctored exams. Details will be provided on the proctoring services used. Proctored exams represent at least 35% of your overall grade.
    9. Contact – This is a communications course so communicate!!  Let me know if you are having problems or questions.   Email is the best way. However, if you need to have a phone conversation, simply email, and we will work out a time we can talk. Even though this is an online course, I am not available 24/7. Therefore, I do not expect you to be either. I will answer emails as soon as I can. Do not expect emails sent after 5pm to be answered until the next scheduled day the campus is in session.
  7. Course Organization and Schedule

Week Number

Section/Online Work

Week 1

Getting Started
Read Chapter 1
Answer Discussion Question
Chapter 1 quiz

Week 2

Read Chapter 2
Answer Discussion Question
Chapter 2 Quiz

Week 3

Read Chapter 2
Answer Discussion Question
Chapter 3 Quiz

Week 4

Read Chapter 4
Answer Discussion Question
Chapter 4 Quiz

Week 5

Unit 1 Exam  

Week 6

Read Chapter 5
Answer Discussion Question
Chapter 5 Quiz

Week 7

Chapter 5 – Sound Media. Media Literacy in Song Lyrics Assignment.

Week 8

Read Chapter 6
Answer Discussion Question
Chapter 6 Quiz

Week 9

Read chapter 7
Answer Discussion Question
Chapter 7 Quiz

Week 10

Read Chapter 8
Answer Discussion Question
Chapter 8 Quiz

Week 11

Unit 2 Exam

Week 12

Read  Chapter 9
Answer Discussion Question
Chapter 9 Quiz

Week 13

Thanksgiving Break/Spring Break may occur earlier in the spring semester

Week 14

Read Chapter 10
Answer Discussion Question
Chapter 10 Quiz

Week 15

Read Chapter 14 – Chapter 14 Discussion Question
Quiz Chapter 14

Week 16

Final Unit Exam – Unit 3.

Note: The above course outline is subject to change.


Last Modified: August 16, 2016