CDEC 1354
Child Growth and Development

Western Texas College

  1. Basic Course Information
    1. Course Description: Physical, emotional, social, and cognitive factors impacting growth and development of children through adolescence.
    2. Required Prerequisite: None
  2. Student Learning Outcomes
    1. Summarize principles of growth and development and developmental stages in various domains
    2. Discuss theories of development, the impact of developmental processes on early childhood practices and types and techniques of observation
    3. Explain the importance of play
    4. Demonstrate skills in practical application of developmental principles and theories, observation techniques and recognition of growth and developmental patterns
  3. Testing Requirements
    1. The final exam must be proctored. (ask your instructor for more details)
    2. Students will NOT be allowed to use their book and notes for the final exam
  4. Major Course Requirements
    1. Assignments         60%
    2. Attendance           20%
    3. Final                       20%
  5. Information on Books
    1. Required Book: CDEV, 1st Edition Cengage Learning
  6. Other Policies, Procedures and important dates. Please refer to the WTC Catalog for the following:
    1. Campus Calendar
    2. Final Exam Schedule
    3. How to drop a class
    4. Withdrawal Information
    5. Student Conduct/Academic Integrity
    6. Class Attendance
    7. Student with disabilities

Course Content

Chapter 1

History, Theories, and Methods of Child Development

The Development of the study of Child Development
Theories of Child Development
Controversies in Child Development
How we Study Child Development

Chapter 2

Heredity and Conception

The Influence of Heredity on Development
Chromosomal Abnormalities
Genetic Abnormalities
Genetic Counseling and Prenatal Testing
Heredity and the Environment
Conception: Against All Odds

Chapter 3

Prenatal Development

The Germinal Stage: Wanderings
The Fetal Stage
Environmental Influences

Chapter 4

Birth and the Newborn Baby: In the New World

The Stages of Childbirth
Methods of Childbirth
Birth Problems
The Postpartum Period
Characteristics of Neonates

Chapter 5

Infancy: Physical Development

Physical Growth and Development
Development of the Brain and Nervous System
Motor Development
Sensory and Perceptual Development

Chapter 6

Infancy: Cognitive Development

Cognitive Development: Jean Piaget
Information Processing
Individual Differences
Language Development

Chapter 7

Infancy: Social and Emotional Development

Attachment: Bonds that Endure
Attachment Fails
Day Care
Emotional Development
Personality Development

Chapter 8

Early Childhood: Physical Development

Growth Patterns
Motor Development
Health and Illness
Elimination Disorders

Chapter 9

Early Childhood: Cognitive Development

Jean Piaget’s Preoperational Stage
Factors in Cognitive Development
Theory of Mind
Development of Memory
Language Development

Chapter 10

Early Childhood: Social and Emotional Development

Dimensions of Child Rearing
Social Behaviors
Personality and Emotional Development
Development of Gender Roles and Sex Differences

Chapter 11

Middle Childhood: Physical Development

Growth Patterns
Overweight in Children
Motor Development
Children with Disorders

Chapter 12

Middle Childhood: Cognitive Development

Piaget: The Concrete-Operational Stage
Moral Development
Information Processing
Intellectual Development, Creativity, and Achievement
Language Development and Literacy

Chapter 13

Middle Childhood: Social and Emotional Development

Theories in Social and Emotional Development
The Family
Peer Relationships
The School
Social and Emotional Problems


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