ARTS 2356 

Western Texas College

  1. Basic Course Information
    1. Course Description:  Introduction to the basics of pixel-based photography. Includes camera operation, techniques, knowledge of chemistry, and presentation skills. Emphasis on design, history, and contemporary trends as a means of developing an understanding of photographic aesthetics.
    2. Any required prerequisites:  no
  2. Student Learning Outcomes
    1. The student will demonstrate a working knowledge of basic techniques specific to working with a lens system and exposure.
    2. The student will demonstrate a working knowledge of basic techniques specific to working with a lens system and exposure in order to generate a dynamic body of work that incorporate the visual principals of design.
    3. The student will utilize Adobe Photoshop to digitally manipulate their digital negatives.
    4. The student will create a professional, digital portfolio of their work (20 images) and have it published as a requirement of the Final.
  3. Major Course Requirements
    1. Major Requirement 1:  Complete all assignments staying within specific parameters and submit within the deadlines (65% of final grade).
    2. Major Requirement 2:  Participate in class discussions and critiques, & complete quizzes(35% of final grade).
  4. Information on Books and Other Course Materials
    1. Recommended Book:  Hirsh, Robert.  Light and Lens; Photography in the Digital Age.  Focal Press, 2008 * Not a requirement.
      1. ISBN:  978-0-240-80855-0
    2. Required Art Supplies: 
      1. Digital camera with 7.0 mega-pixels or higher (preferably, a digital SLR camera)
      2. Standard sized tripod
  5. Other policies, procedures, and important dates. Please refer to the WTC Catalog for the following:
    1. Campus Calendar
    2. Final Exam Schedule
    3. How to drop a class
    4. Withdrawal information
    5. Student Conduct/ Academic Integrity
    6. Student with disabilities
  6. Weekly Calendar

& 2

Purchase supplies
Set up Flickr account
Principle/Element overview
Getting to know your camera
Porfolio 1: Environment
Semester Assignment: Time trials Assigned

WEEK 3 & 4

Creativity Assignment: #1 Variation
Portfolio 2: The Basics: Portrait
Create cheat sheet
Depth of field, Exposure, Tonal Range
Framing, Rule of 3rds

WEEK 5 & 6

Portfolio 3: Principles/ Elements

WEEK 7,8,9 & 10

Portfolio 4: Narrative
Mid-Term Quiz- Week 8

WEEK 11 & 12

Portfolio 5: Abstract Potography

WEEK 12, 13, & 14

Portfolio 6: Personal Project
Include Artist Statement


Finish Portfolio 6
Final Critique


Final Exam


Disclaimer:  Schedule and content is subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.



Last Modified/Reviewed: March 1, 2019