ARTS 2333

Western Texas College

  1. Basic Course Information
    1.  Course Description:  Study of and practice in printmaking processes as a fine arts medium.  Students explore relief printing, collagraphs, monoprints, and digital printing processes.  Stress placed on application of individual design & experimentation.
    2. Any required prerequisites:  no
  2. Student Learning Outcome
    1. The student will demonstrate an understanding of printmaking mechanics, materials & media necessary to facilitate a finished edition, and good professional practice.
    2. The student will develop strategies for problem-solving and objective self-criticism in order to improve or edit their work.
    3. The student will develop a portfolio that demonstrates a basic proficiency in relief printing, collagraphs, monoprints, and digital printing processes.
    4. The student will insightfully interpret the formal qualities of their work and the work of their peers through a variety of critique forums.
  3. Major Course Requirements
    1. Major Requirement 1:  Satisfactorily complete all assigned preparatory work and research (15% of final grade).
    2. Major Requirement 2:  Complete all six editions and submit within the deadlines (70% of final grade).
    3. Major Requirement 3:  Participate in class discussions and critiques (5% of final grade).
    4. Major Requirement 4:  Midterm and final quizzes covering terminology, theory, and practice (10% of final grade)
  4.  Information on Books and Other Course Material
    1. Required Book:
      1. Grabowski, Beth and Fick, Bill.  Printmaking; A Complete Guide to Materials & Processes
      • ISBN: 978-0205-664-535
    2. Required Art Supplies (can be purchased at the Campus Bookstore) 
      1. Sketchbook – white or graph, minimum 8 x10 ”
      2. 2 mechanical pencils
      3. magic rub eraser
      4. 1 or 2 rolls drafting or blue painter’s tape
      5. foam brushes (1”)
      6. Q-tips
      7. portfolio (Star Products red rope portfolios with handles, 20x26x2")
      8. papers -- Arches Cover and Arches 88, both around 22x30" 
      9. printmaking linoleum block 8x10”
      10. 2 or 3 pieces of plexi-glass 8x10” (available at bookstore)
      11. Speedball water-soluble block printing inks 2.5 oz:  red, blue, yellow, white, and black
      12. bag or toolbox for supplies (fishing tackle boxes work great)
      13. found objects and non-traditional media for various projects to be announced
  5. Other Policies, Procedures and important dates
    1. Academic Integrity:  Conduct of students which may cast unfavorable reflection upon the college will result in the student receiving disciplinary action for misconduct. Notation of disciplinary actions imposed upon students shall be made a part of the student’s permanent file. Noncompliance with adopted policies and standards of conduct is sufficient cause for disciplinary action, including suspension from college as a final action. Authority for disciplinary action, including suspension from college, is granted to the college administration.  The following are common examples of student misconduct --
      1. Cheating:
        1. Submitting work that is identical or similar to work you submitted for credit in another class
        2. Allowing another student to do your work for you
        3. Allowing another student to copy your work.
      2. Plagiarism: 
        1. Submitting information that is not one’s own without proper citation.
        2. Incorrectly paraphrasing without proper citation.
      3. Collusion
        1. Submitting work as your own that was created with the assistance of others.
        2. Completing an online quiz with the assistance of another person.
    1. ADA Statement:  Western Texas College does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities.  The college counselors have been designated to coordinate compliance with the nondiscrimination requirements contained in section 35.107 of the Department of Justice regulations.  Information concerning the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the rights provided there under, are available from the college counselors. 
    2. Special Assistance:  If, as a result of a disability, a student needs special assistance to participate in a class, the counselor is to be notified immediately so that the prescribed process can be initiated.
    3. Affirmative Action:  Western Texas College is an equal opportunity institution and is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Students with disabilities, including learning disabilities, requesting accommodations in this class should notify the Counseling Department as soon as possible.  In accordance with federal law, a student requesting accommodations must provide documentation of his/her disability to the Counseling Department.
    4.   Drop/Withdrawal:  Any student wishing to withdraw from the college for the remainder of a semester must secure an honorable dismissal through the Counseling Center.  A request for honorable dismissal may be considered after the student has returned all library books and other equipment charged to him/her, paid all fines and fees, and cleared himself/herself in every respect with the college offices.  Withdrawal procedures begin in the Counseling Center. 
  1. Course Organization and Schedule
    1. Weekly Course Schedule

Week 1

syllabus and lab organization
“Ch. 1:  Practical Matters”
artist statements

Week 2

Week 3

EDITION 1:  self-portrait
EDITION 2:  animal

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

relief printing
EDITION 3:  small lino block print
EDITION 4:  large lino block print

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

EDITION 5:  small collage plate
EDITION 6:  large collage plate

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13

final edition – process of choice

Week 14

final edition – process of choice

Week 15


Disclaimer:  Schedule and content is subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.



Last Modified: May 20, 2013