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Mitch Brumbelow


Science Department

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BIOL 2102
BIOL 2401
BIOL 2401 online
BIOL 2402
BIOL 2404
BIOL 2420
BIOL 2421
BIOL 1413
CHEM 1405
CHEM 1411

Degrees: A.A. Western Texas College 1996 B.S. Texas Tech University 1999


Teaching Experience: Mr. Brumbelow brings a real medical background to the labs he teaches as he was employed for several years as a hospital medical technologist. He has taught labs at Western Texas College in both the "wet lab" and online lab scenarios for 5 years.

Professional Organizations: HAPS - Human Anatomy and Physiology Society ASM - American Society of Microbiology 

Professional Publications: