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Misty Hinton


Early Childhood Instructor

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BCIS 1305
CDEC 1303
CDEC 1311
CDEC 1313
CDEC 1318
CDEC 1319
CDEC 1321
CDEC 1323
CDEC 1354
CDEC 1356
CDEC 1358
CDEC 1359
CDEC 2326
CDEC 2366
CDEC 2367

Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood, Texas Tech University; Master of Education in Instructional Technology, Texas Tech University

Certifications: Elementary Self-Contained
Elementary Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education-Handicapped
English as a Second Language

Teaching Experience: Public School- 10 years
College Level- 4 years

Professional Organizations:TCCTA and TCTA

Professional Publications: