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Katie Heaps

Adjunct Spanish & History Instructor

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GOVT 2305
GOVT 2306
HIST 1301
HIST 1302
SPAN 1411 
SPAN 1412
SPAN 2311
SPAN 2312

Degrees: Spanish & History (B.A.); MA Teaching Languages


Teaching Experience: Roscoe High School (present) Spanish I, II, III & IV dual credit. Instructional technology. Sweetwater High School (2001 to 2008) Spanish I-IV Advanced Placement and dual credit: grades 9-12. Spanish III taught through multipoint distance learning. Bedford Junior High (1999-2001) Spanish I & II Pre International Baccalaureate; grade 9 Plainview High School (1998-1999) Spanish I & II, Grades 9-12 Wayland Baptist University (1998-1999) Adult Conversational Spanish 

Professional Organizations: Texas Foreign Language Association Southwest Conference on Language Teaching American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese

Professional Publications: