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Student Complaint /Greivance Procedure

Includes Grade Appeals and Complaints

Appeal of a Final Grade

The responsibility for determining grades and for judging the quality of academic performance rests with the faculty member assigned to the course. Appeals or questions concerning assigned grades should be directed to the faculty member who assigned the grade. An appeal to an assigned final course grade may be initiated by a student only on the contention that the grade is clearly erroneous or was assigned in an arbitrary or capricious manner. The process must be initiated no later than the end of the fourth week of the semester (fall or spring semester) following the semester in which the final course grade was officially transcripted. Students are encouraged to initiate the process as soon as possible. 
Steps for a Final Course Grade Appeal Procedure:

  1. The student requests a meeting with the faculty member to discuss the grade in question. The problem may be resolved at this meeting. 
  2. If the question concerning the grade has not been resolved, the student files a Final Grade Appeal form to the Division Chair for the division in which the course is offered, outlining the specific rationale for a final course grade appeal and subsequently meets with the Division Chair. The Division Chair will involve the faculty member in the conference(s) with the student in the resolution of the issue. The Division Chair will contact the student within ten (10) business days regarding the appeal after receiving a signed Final Grade Appeal form. The Final Grade Appeal Form is available online or may be obtained from the Dean of Student Services and Counseling Offices.
  3. If the question concerning the grade has not been resolved by meeting with the Division Chair, the student may file an appeal to the Academic Appeals Committee by submitting the Final Grade Appeal form to the Dean of Student Services Office no later than the end of the sixth week of classes during the subsequent semester (fall or spring semester) after the grade has been officially transcripted. The Committee’s decision shall be final.