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Skills Development Fund Grant

Texas Workforce Commission has awarded a grant to Western Texas College to fund workforce training and skills development for businesses that have been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. These funds have been set aside by the Governor’s Office to assist Texas businesses as part of the State’s economic recovery plan.

Businesses that would like to diversify or expand their workforce or that are experiencing difficulties hiring skilled employees can benefit from this grant opportunity. The grant can also assist businesses with covering the expense of mandatory training requirements.

Western Texas College can develop custom training for businesses online or in-person. We can help locate and partner with training providers within your industry for custom employee training or work with a training provider of your choice.

Recent courses have included commercial truck driving, well control school, basic safety and accident training, petroleum safety, CPR and first aid, emergency medical response, welding, technology and software classes, specialty training for healthcare workers, food safety classes, and business management.

If your business has training or hiring needs and would like to take advantage of this funding opportunity, please let us know!

For more information, please contact Margo Mitchell at College on the Square, 1806 26th Street, tel. 325-574-6581 or by email at margo.mitchell@wtc.edu.

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