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Roscoe Collegiate High School

In 2009, Roscoe Collegiate became the first rural Early College in Texas. Since that time, the Early College concept has experienced consistent growth in the district, as the Fall 2012 Semester began with 106 of the 114 students in grades 9 through 12 enrolled in 262 classes, totaling 747 hours. Completion rates for the Associate Degree have grown from one student three years ago, to 52% of the 2011 graduating class, and 58% of the 2012 graduating class, with projections of 73% for the 2013 graduating class and 90% Associate Degreed graduates by 2015.

As a result of the initial Early College endeavor, Roscoe Collegiate is now heavily invested in a college readiness program, AVID, for all students in grades 7 through 12. Additionally, the entire district has adopted a Common Instructional Framework that is comprised of the 21st Century skills, in which employers are demanding proficiency among their employees. As a means of assessing the level of student engagement in the Common Instructional Framework, the district has also adopted the Harvard Instructional Rounds Model, consisting of both internal and external assessment of student engagement on a weekly basis. Finally, the district is partnering with a world leader in understanding and educating poverty, The Leadership and Learning Center, located in Denver, Colorado. The focus of this partnership is to close the literacy gap among low-socioeconomic learners by grade 3, thereby empowering these students to become truly college ready by grade 9 and beyond.

In 2011, the Texas Education Agency began to merge the Early College and STEM programs. As a new STEM designation applicant, Roscoe Collegiate is currently entering the second year of a two year investigative process, with assistance from a STEM Advisory Committee consisting of over 50 members from local, regional, and state universities, AgriLife Extension, T-STEM, Educate Texas, Region 14 Education Service Center, as well as the local, regional, and state business and political communities. This committee began researching the feasibility of constructing a STEM Research Center at Roscoe Collegiate, which would greatly compliment the E-ON Center for Innovation and Higher Education in the district’s attempt to provide the real world relevance deemed necessary for successfully meeting the rigorous demands for true college and career readiness. The STEM Research Center is deemed to be the final component of The Roscoe Collegiate Model.

The intent behind the Roscoe Collegiate Model is for each student to complete the Associate Degree as an indicator of college readiness, while simultaneously earning a STEM field endorsement as an indicator of workforce readiness. In doing so, Roscoe Collegiate graduates will be well positioned to successfully continue the pursuit of four year degrees, or enter into the workforce at a high level.