Texas Community Colleges

Beebe Pleased with Law Enforcement and Staff



“In my mind it was not a false alarm,” says Dr. Barbara Beebe, President of Western Texas College.

Beebe is referring to the incident on campus yesterday when a suspicious, armed person in a bullet proof vest entered a building at WTC. No identifying insignia was visible on the person which caused a WTC employee enough concern to alert WTC security.

“The WTC employee did the right thing by alerting security who in turn alerted authorities,” Beebe added.

WTC Campus Administration strongly encourages everyone to increase their awareness of their surroundings.

“If someone sees a suspicious person walking around campus wearing a bulletproof vest with a weapon with no visible insignia or identification, they should notify security 911,” says Beebe. “I would rather have a hundred false alarms than one actual. The safety of our students, faculty and staff is of the utmost importance to WTC.

Beebe also noted that there were concerns of people in the building where the suspect was seen who were not notified.

“Law enforcement’s first priority is to locate the subject and he had already left the building in question.”

Beebe was very pleased and complimentary of all those who were involved yesterday.

“We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Snyder Police Department, Scurry County Sheriff’s department and the Texas Rangers for their very quick response time.”

Beebe also praised the Snyder Daily News who played an important role by getting out the correct story and providing updates to the community. In addition, Beebe also acknowledged Mark Waldrip, First Bank and Trust Branch Regional President for Scurry and Mitchell counties.

“He immediately came over to help us to see if he could verify an armored car presence on campus that morning. He also spent the better part of the day on campus being supportive of WTC staff. He was marvelous and we are very grateful.”

But the person Beebe was most impressed with was a member of her staff, Ralph Ramon, Dean of Students.

“Ralph handled the situation professionally and with a calm demeanor; handling numerous phone calls, texts and emails simultaneously. Hi actions ensured law enforcement arrived as soon as possible helping to keep everyone safe and secure.