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WTC Swine Show Team Places Four Animals at Fort Worth Stock Show

SNYDER—The Western Texas College Swine Show Team is pleased to announce that they placed four animals at the Fort Worth Stock Show in January.
“Placing four animals at the show is a huge accomplishment for our breeding program,” according to Jessica Colvin, Agriculture Instructor at WTC.
“It really lets us know that we are heading in the right direction with our genetic lines at the College Farm.”
After raising several litters at the Western Texas College Farm this past fall and purchasing some integral breeding pieces, members of the WTC Swine Show Team exhibited twelve breeding gilts at the Fort Worth Stock Show in January.  Four animals that the students exhibited placed at the show.
The ribbons that were brought home were for a third-place Duroc gilt, a fourth place Duroc gilt, a fourth place Chester gilt and a seventh-place Yorkshire gilt.  These gilts will all remain in the college’s breeding herd and hopefully be mothers to this fall’s animals that the show team members will exhibit next spring.
“It’s a constant hamster wheel of events at the college farm to keep our breeding program going,” added Colvin.  “We are so fortunate to have our local vet and breeders all across the state work with us to reach our goals. We also have hardworking students that are really passionate about the swine industry.”
Students participating in this year’s Swine Show Team are:  Bryton Smith, Burleson, Texas; Austin Alsabrook, Haskell, Texas; Nik Hodges, Snyder, Texas; Madison Rivera, Westbrook, Texas; Hanna Ramsey, Poway, California; Javier Ventura, Colorado City, Texas; Dylan Meguire, Colorado City, Texas; and Blake Lamkin, Shallowater, Texas. 
Students interested in participating on the Swine Show Team at WTC should contact Jessica Colvin at 325-574-7920 or jcolvin@wtc.edu.
Western Texas College Swine Show Team members are pictured with a third-place Duroc gilt they exhibited at the Fort Worth Stock Show in January.
Back row (l-r): Javier Ventura, Hanna Ramsey, Blake Lamkin, and Dylan Meguire.
Front row (l-r): Madison Rivera, Nik Hodges, Bryton Smith, and Austin Alsabrook.

Western Texas College Swine Show Team members are pictured with a 4th place Chester gilt.
Back row (l-r): Javier Ventura, Madison Rivera, Blake Lamkin, Nik Hodges, and Dylan Meguire.
Front row (l-r): Hanna Ramsey, Austin Alsabrook, Bryton Smith