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The Circulation Desk is located centrally on the first floor of the LRC/Library (Building 2). Entrance into the Library is through a security gate in front of the Circulation Desk.

The Circulation Desk is the primary service area. Photo identification is required for circulation privileges.

WTC-issued ID's are used as library cards. You must present your valid student or faculty/staff ID to be registered at the Circulation Desk in order to check out material.

WTC alumni are allowed circulation privileges with a TexShare card. TexShare cards are available at most Texas public libraries.

Students may have up to five circulating items checked out at one time.

Loan periods:

  • Books & Audiobooks - 3 weeks
  • Movies - 5 days

Limits: Five (5) items

Late Fines:

Books and audiobooks - 10¢ per day per item

Movies - 50¢ per day per item

Lost Material: Material is presumed lost if not returned by the last day of each semester. Patrons will be charged the replacement cost of each lost item.

Penalties: A hold will be placed on the student's account for the amount of any and all fines/fees for material returned late and/or material not returned. The hold will only be removed when all fines/fees have been paid. Borrowing privileges will be suspended for any student with any outstanding late fines and/or overdue material.

Material may be renewed one time by contacting the Circulation Desk in person, by telephone at 325-574-7678, or by email at library@wtc.edu. Overdue items may not be renewed. Material may be returned during business hours to the Library by handing it to a library staff member or by depositing it in the book drop location at the Circulation Desk. After hours, the material can be returned through an after-hours drop slot located at the East entrance (facing the courtyard) of the LRC/Library building.

Fines/fees owed as well as all material that is checked out is due by noon on the last class day of each semester. This amount must be paid along with any other fines/fees owed to the Library in order to avoid having a hold placed on the student's account. A hold prevents a student from registering for classes, obtaining a transcript, and/or graduating. This policy is in effect each enrollment period: semesters, summer sessions, and mini sessions. Lost material will be assessed as the replacement cost of each item. If the material is returned, the business office will credit the student's account for the cost minus the late fines accrued for the item.


Students with late fines and/or material not returned will have a hold placed on their student account. The hold will prevent the student from registering, obtaining a transcript, and/or graduating. The hold will only be removed when all late fines and/or fees for unreturned material have been paid to either the Library via cash or check or to the business office via cash, check, credit card, or debit card. The department that accepts the payment may then remove the hold.

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Limited reserve textbooks provided by instructors are available at the Circulation Desk. These items cannot be checked out and are in-library use only. Reference books, periodicals, newspapers, and magazines are in-library use only.

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TexShare cardholders may borrow circulating material from all Texas academic and public libraries participating in the TexShare program. A majority of Texas libraries participate in this program.

As a participating TexShare library, the WTC Library honors all TexShare cards issued from other member libraries. The WTC Library also issues TexShare cards to its faculty, staff, and registered students so that they may also take advantage of the program. TexShare cardholders must comply with the TexShare program policies as well as the policies and restrictions of each participating library from which they borrow material.

Fines for late returns and/or lost materials apply to TexShare Card borrowers. The borrower is personally responsible for these fines/fees. If a lending library reports that you have lost books or failed to pay fines, the WTC Library may take appropriate action, including suspension of borrowing privileges at the WTC Library and revocation of your TexShare Card.

TexShare users may check out a total of 3 items (DVDs, circulating books, or audiobooks).

For more information about the TexShare Card program, visit tsl.texas.gov/texshare/card.

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The Library participates in the InterLibrary Loan (ILL) program. This service is available to WTC staff and faculty as well as registered WTC students.

Library staff will gladly request items such as books, audiobooks, DVD's, and Blu-Rays not owned by the WTC Library to be borrowed from other libraries at no cost. We can also request articles; however, due to the high subscription costs to academic journals, we cannot guarantee that the article will be available without a fee from the lending library. Library staff will contact the borrower regarding any fees prior to requesting the article. These fees will be the responsibility of the borrower.

Every lending library has its own policies regarding fees associated with the request, length of time to respond to the request, length of check out, and number of renewals allowed. Library staff will advise borrowers of the policies of the lending library. Borrowers are required to adhere to the policies of the lending library.

As with material owned by the WTC Library, the borrower is responsible for any costs for items not returned. Because these items are owned by other libraries, the borrower must strictly adhere to due dates or will otherwise be charged for any unreturned items.

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The Food and Drink Policy of the Western Texas College LRC/Library is intended to effectively preserve our library material, computer equipment, and furnishings as well as to maintain a comfortable and pleasant working environment for our students, staff, and faculty. Your help in this effort is greatly appreciated.

Food and drinks are NOT allowed in:
- Computer workstation areas
- Archives Room
- Reference Room
- Book stacks
- Any other place that has posted "No Food And Drink Allowed"

Food and drinks are allowed in/on:
- Study carrels
- Tables in open areas
- Sitting areas
- Balcony

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The College prohibits the use, distribution, and/or sale of tobacco, smoke, and nicotine vapor products and devices (including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, water pipes, hookahs, electronic cigarettes. smokeless tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, or any other related products or devices) by any person inside all college facilities, and buildings owned, rented, leased, or supervised by the college.
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