Texas Community Colleges
Westerners Honor Code

A Western Texas College student is Dedicated, Respectful, Ethical, Accountable, and Motivated. 

You should live the

D -


Commit to what you do.

R -


Honor the rights of others.

E -


Do what is right regardless of the situation.

A -


Take responsibility for your actions.

M -


Inspire success within yourself and within others.

We are WTC, We dream. We believe.

We are Westerners!

As a Westerner we are Dedicated. We are dedicated to our school, our classmates and ourselves. We are devoted to the best we can be academically, physically and mentally. We put pride and heart into everything we do.

As a Westerner we are Respectful. We are respectful to the people around us as well as ourselves. We are quick to listen and slow to speak. We will listen to others, respect their opinions and speak appropriately and politely in return.

As a Westerner we are Ethical. WE have a high set of honorable standards that we will uphold to ourselves and to those around us. WE will not cheat, steal or tolerate those who do.

AS a Westerner we are Accountable. We students, faculty, staff and administration will take responsibility for our actions and hold others accountable for theirs. We will acknowledge accomplishments and assist those who are in need.

As a Westerner we are Motivated. We strive to bring out the best in ourselves and others. Our motivation should be contagious and be seen by others in our school and our community.

We are Westerners!



Nomination Process: The faculty, staff, and administration nominate students for the WTC Honor Code Ambassadors during the fall semester. Nominees are screened for a GPA of 3.0 or above, disciplinary issues and classroom behaviors. The honor code committee, Faculty Association, and current WTC Honor Code Ambassadors review the nominees to ascertain the nominees are worthy of honor code selection i.e. student leaders who embody the code and lead by example. 


The WTC Honor Code Ambassadors are required to complete monthly service projects and/or assist with events. Past service projects and events include:

  • Freshman Orientation
  • Move-in Day
  • Kick-off Bash
  • White Buffalo 5K
  • Fall Fest
  • Veterans Day
  • Food Cupboard Can Drive
  • Student Awards Day
  • Highway Cleanup
  • 8th and 10th Grade Campus Tours
  • College Presidential Interviews
  • Reading to Elementary School Students
  • Deep Creek Speaker Series
  • MLK Town Hall Discussion
  • WTC Graduation


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