Texas Community Colleges
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Final Grade Appeal

  • Before any action can be taken concerning a grade related issue, an attemp to resolve the issue with the instructor must be made.
  • The process must be initiated no later than the end of the fourth week of the semester (fall or spring semester) following the semester in which the final course grade was officially transcripted.
  • NOTE: Appeals can only be filed on FINAL COURSE GRADES.
  • Return this appeal form to the Division Chair for the division in which the course is offered, outlining the specifc rationale for a final course grade appeal.
  • Within ten (10) days, the Division Chair will contact the student to discuss the issues.
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*Note to student: The syllabus informs students about the course policies and procedures. By continuing in the course after reviewing the syllabus, you agreed to the procedures outlined in the syllabus.
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Routing: If approved, route with grade change form to the Registrar's Office. If denied and the student requests
appeal, the student is responsible for submitting the form to the Dean of Student Services Office.