Texas Community Colleges

Drop A Course


A student is not officially dropped from a course until this form is completed and returned to the Registrar's Office.

Section A

Students receiving Financial Aid, Scholarships, or VA Benefits must obtain clearance from the Financial Aid Office or the Veteran's Affairs Office.

Possible consequences of dropping a course:

  1. Students who have not fulfilled TSI requirements and are enrolled in mandatory developmental classes may be withdrawn from all college-level courses if they withdraw from their developmental class.
  2. The third time, and any later times, you take the same course (regardless of grade) you will likely have to pay a tuition surcharge of $80 per credit hour. (Third Attempt Rider 50 Tuition)
  3. Excessive withdrawals could limit your transfer admission prospects to colleges and universities with competitive selective admissions processes.
  4. There is an upper limit of 27 hours of developmental courses (including all times any developmental course appears on your transcript, regardless of grade.) Dropping a developmental course will count against your 27 developmental course limit.
  5. Dropping courses may cause you to lose your financial aid or drop below full-time status affecting medical and/or other insurance and scholarships.
  6. Dropping courses may also affect your academic status especially if you are currently on probation.

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Section B

Required Communication with your Instructor

By communicating with your instructor, you may decide dropping is not necessary.  Before your drop request will be processed, you must provide proof that you have communicated your reason(s) for dropping with your instructor and your instructor has granted you drop approval. This proof should come in the form of an email that you can copy and paste in the section below.

Section C

Beginning with the fall 2007 semester, any student who enrolls in college for the first time during the fall 2007 or after, will not be permitted to drop more than six courses unless they meet certain extenuating circumstances.

Are you dropping this course for any of the following reasons?
(Check a reason only if it applies to you.)

If you did not check any of the above reasons, this drop will count towards one of your six available drops. You are limited to 6 dropped courses until you complete your bachelor's degree, as long as you are enrolled in any public college/university in the State of Texas. (Senate Bill 1231)
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