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Faculty Credentials/Bios/Evaluations



Alcala, Raul - Recruiter
Barnhart, Rebecca - Adjunct Biology Instructor  
Bleiker, Hillary - Adjunct Speech Instructor  
Blount, Rebecca - Adjunct English Instructor  
Boren, Dan - Adjunct Physics Instructor  
Brewer, Jennifer - Adjunct Instructor  
Brown, Donny - Adjunct English Instructor  
Brumbelow, Mitch - Instructor, Science Labs
Canada, Britt - Dean of  Institutional Research & Effectiveness  
Carter, Brad - Assistant Professor of Sociology & Psychology  
Caswell Laura - Director of Counseling  
Clark, Scott - Adjunct Biology Instructor  
Clifton, Jim - Adjunct History Instructor  
Clifton, Sandra - Adjunct English Instructor  
Clindaniel, Robert - Adjunct Math Instructor  
Colvin, Jessica - Assistant Professor of Agriculture  
Crabtree, Jeffery - Adjunct Music Instructor
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Davis, Darryl - Head Women's Basketball Coach  
Davis, Tammy - Athletic Director  
Davis, Thomas - Math & Physics Adjunct Instructor  
Decker, Gregory - Adjunct Instructor  
Dever, Jerry - Assistant Professor, Division Chair for Communications
and Behavioral Sciences
Doney, William - Adjunct Physics Instructor  
Ducheneaux, Stephanie - Dean of Instructional Affairs  
Eaves, Alisha Renee - Adjunct Medical Terminology Instructor  
Fahntrapp, Dana - Petroleum Instructor  
Ferguson, Ralph - Adjunct Accounting Instructor  
Fonville, Shawn - Dean of Technical and Career Education
Galvan, Vanessa - Adjunct English Instructor  
Graf, Melanie - Assistant Professor, English  
Green, Keely - Math Instructor  
Gunter, Shelley - Adjunct Ag Instructor  
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Hefflinger, Billy - Division Chair - PHED/EDUC Instructor  
Hernandez, Omar - Assistant Athletic Director/HPE Supervisor  
Hibbs, Michael - Adjunct Physics Instructor  
Hicks, Garrett - Math Instructor  
Hillger, William - Adjunct Biology Instructor  
Hinton, Misty - Early Childhood Instructor  
Hogan, David - Adjunct Math Instructor  
Holder, Floyd - Government Instructor  
Howington, Donna - Math Instructor
Jackson, Kenneth - Head Baseball Coach  
Jackson, Sharon - Adjunct Math Instructor
Kelly, Candis - CPMT Instructor  
Khanal, Kiran - Physics Instructor  
Kinman, Sandy - Assistant Professor Information Technology  
Knipe, Corey - Student Activities  
Komppa, Steve - Adjunct Education Instructor  
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Laws, Joanna - English Instructor  
Lewis, Julia - Talent Search Director, TRiO  
Lilly, Troy - Adjunct Science Instructor
Lowery, Erin - Adjunct Instructor  
Malone, Benjamin - Adjunct Instructor  
Martin, Jana Wesson - Adjunct English Instructor  
Mason, Sylvia - Biology Instructor  
McCann, Robert - CDL and Drivers Education Training Specialist  
McNary, Rome - Head Softball Coach  
Medina, Richard - Adjunct Physics Instructor  
Miller, Su - Adjunct Instructor  
Morrow, Dustin - Adjunct English Instructor
Newsome, Laveeda - English Instructor  
Newton, Ray - Drama Instructor  
Newton, Teresa - Speech Instructor
Pavlick, Kayla - Adjunct Biology Instructor   
Perry, Lance - Adjunct Philosophy Instructor  
Perryman, Melissa - Adjunct Instructor  
Petersen, Judith - History & Government Instructor  
Petty, Wendi - Adjunct Instructor  
Pinkerton, Shauna - Adjunct Instructor  
Pittman, Mark - Adjunct Instructor  
Price, Jack - Adjunct American History/Government Instructor  
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Ralph, Katie - Adjunct Spanish & History Instructor  
Ramon, Ralph - Vice President and  Dean of Student Services  
Rhodes, Greg - Rodeo Coach/Physical Education Instructor  
Roland, Laurie - Medical Assistant Instructor  
Russell, Dr. Ava - Associate Professor, Math  
Scates, Geron - Assistant Professor/Radio Station Manager  
Schneider, Patrick - Art Instructor  
Schramm, Jeff - Division Chair - Biology Instructor  
Sewell, Donald - Assistant Professor of Business and Economics  
Smith, Bryton - Welding Instructor  
Smith, Lance - Turfgrass & Landscape Technology Instructor  
Smith, N.C. - Assistant Professor/History Instructor  
Spence, Katie - Adjunct Instructor  
Stephens, Tressa - Academic Advisor/Testing Coordinator  
Stewart, Jeffrey - Welding Instructor  
Stokes, Darlene - Adjunct Math Instructor  
Strawn, Tony - Electrical Lineman Technology Instructor  
Stubbs, Renee - English Instructor  
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Tarango, Noel - Adjunct Instructor
Tate, David - Adjunct Instructor  
Terrell, Ashley - Adjunct Math Instructor  
Vickers, Kristie -  Adjunct Spanish Instructor   
Weatherman, Scott - Adjunct Instructor  
Wesson-Martin, Jana - Adjunct English Instructor  
Williams, James - Head Men's & Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Coach  
Williams, Terri - Student Support Services Director, TRiO   
Williams, Trinity - Assistant Track Coach   
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