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Here are Some Great Autumn Online Classes. Next Six-Week Session Starts Wednesday, November 9th.

Western Texas College

Autumn Online Classes
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Learn more about the online course Get Assertive!  

Singapore Math Strategies: Model Drawing for Grades 1-6

Student Testimonial: "The instructor's writing style and video teaching format was excellent! I truly felt as though I was interacting with the instructor throughout the lessons. I have already recommended the course to three other teachers at my school."

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Learn more about the online course Introduction to Networking  

Introduction to Networking

Student Testimonial: "My new management job required me to take refresher courses on networking. I found that this was an excellent introductory course. It has helped me to remember the basics and gave me a firm foundation on understanding networks. I look forward to the intermediate course as well as the cloud course. Great job!"

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Learn more about the online course Intermediate Microsoft Word 2016  

Intermediate Microsoft Word 2016

Student Testimonial: "This course was extremely helpful to me as I had minimal knowledge of Excel. Everything was spelled out to a "T", including detailed descriptions of where to find what on the keyboard and screen as well as videos of the precise process. This made it very understandable! I feel that I can now use Excel confidently and I may consider moving on to the intermediate course at some point."

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Learn more about the online course CompTIA® Security+ Certification Prep 1  

CompTIA® Security+ Certification Prep 1

Student Testimonial: "Great course and I look forward to taking the second part. Compared to other online Security+ preparation classes that I've researched, the length of time and cost of this class were perfect!"

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Learn more about the online course Teaching Preschool: A Year of Inspiring Lessons  

Start Your Own Small Business

Student Testimonial: "The instructor was very helpful. When I get my business off the ground I'll look back on this as one of the pivotal moments towards my successful business. Thank you!"

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Learn more about the online course Explore a Career in Medical Writing  

Explore a Career
in Medical Writing

Student Testimonial: "This should be the first course one takes to find out what a career in Medical Writing entails, and if it is for them. The value of this course far exceeds the cost. The instructor responds in an encouraging and positive manner. She respectfully answers basic questions. I can't emphasize enough what a value this course is."

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