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Process Technology

Introduction to Process Technology - Process Technology is a vast field that covers almost every aspect of our modern life. The typical workplace for a Process Technology position is in a Petroleum refinery, however, this is only one of many potential fields of employment for which a degree in Process Technology will prepare you. The concepts of Process Technology are used in: the heating and cooling loops of large business and educational installations such as factories, hospitals, colleges, and university physical plants. Process Technology is essential to the operation of coal, gas, and nuclear powered electricity generating plants. Critical to the Pharmaceutical and food industries. and, essential at pump stations for the control of pumped fluids such as oil, and gas.

The Program - The Process Technology Associate degree program is designed as a two year course of study. To prepare students for a career in Process Technology, a core of courses was chosen to develop an educated Process Technician. A variety of career choices are available in the fields of refining, petroleum technology, power generation, oil and gas production, physical plant operations, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. These core courses are; Introduction to Process Technology, Introduction to Petroleum Industry, Industrial Safety, Natural Gas Processing – I, Refining Methods, Petroleum Computer Applications, Industrial Process, Applied Petrochemical Technology or PHYS 1401 College Physics I, Process Technology II-Systems, Process Instrumentation II, Process Troubleshooting, and Petroleum Regulations, A core of general education courses are required as well: General Chemistry, Social & Behavioral Science elective, MATH 1314 or 1332, Public Speaking, Composition I, and Fine Arts/Humanities. An internship in Process Technology is also required prior to final completion of the degree program.

 The Equipment 

  • 39 acre fenced site of typical West Texas ranch land terrain (flora and fauna) for energy programs.
  • Line location equipment (Magna-Trak 102. RD 8000, Fisher TW-6)
  • Fluke recording Thermography camera Ti 125
  • 5400 sq. ft. indoor lab area, with 834 sq. ft. class room space
  • Full sized 10 x 22 foot, 6 ton - Hands On Trainer(H.O.T) by Polaris Engineering , the only H.O.T. unit in West Texas (next nearest is over 400 miles away). H.O.T. unit for concepts important to the field of Process Technology
  • Field laboratory with dedicated 32KW solar power array
  • Internet connectivity from the field site; Topcon Hiper II GSM EPP system (millimeter scale GPS unit)
  • Full instructional computer lab, ARCGIS software, Full license for Mathmatica, Standard Microsoft Office Software
  • Full sized "Pipe, Pump, Tank, and Valve" training – three 210 bbl tanks
  • VERMEER equipment training - trenching and earth moving
  • Unique "Project Based Learning" labs created to illustrate important concepts: creative thinking and co-operative work concepts, Programmable logic controllers (PLC), Cathodic Protection, GPS mapping, among other field and lab exercises

The Industry - In the Process Technology industry an education is essential:

  • Many employers are now requiring at least an associate degree for entry level positions
  • Advancement potential exists for those with an education
  • Maintain employment in many industries
  • Beginning compensation for many positions in the Process Technology fields are the same as seen for Petroleum Technology Associate degrees, USD $60,000 (Data from multiple major employers)
  • Process Technology Opportunities News - USA Today



 Course descriptions and tuition and fee information is available in the Catalog or contact: processtech@wtc.edu for more information.