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Graphic Design


Graphic Design offers the opportunity to combine traditional, creative art with computer technology.The communication design program at WTC prepares students for careers in the field of graphic design such as advertising, publishing, layout, illustration, and pre-press production. Our program provides a streamlined course of study with a strong focus upon studio practice. This art-based program develops designers with creative thinking and problem solving skills to enhance their technical knowledge necessary for the field of graphic design.

At completion of the program, each student will have a professional portfolio of work.  This preparation readies students to enter the professional job market after graduation.  

Our department has outstanding facilities, and many of the necessary supplies are furnished. Our computer lab consists of Mac’s with all the latest industry standard programs for design including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. We have on site printing and production facilities allowing students to produce professional quality work from beginning to end.

Course descriptions and tuition and fee information is available in the Catalog.

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