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Western Texas College Wind Energy

The wind classes at Western Texas College (WTC) are part of a 60 credit hour AS degree transferable to Texas Tech University (TTU) for students to apply toward a BA/BS degree.

They can use the 60 hours (15 in Wind) from WTC as a minor in a BA Management program or apply them toward a BS degree in Wind Energy.

The wind program at WTC is an academic program rather than a workforce program; the students' "job" is to go to TTU. The wind classes currently only transfer to TTU as it's the only college with an undergraduate wind program. While at TTU the students will complete a minimum of 400 hours of internship either at a global wind company in the U.S. or at the International Texas Tech Center in Spain.

Upon graduation from TTU: Potential employment opportunities include; Wind Project Developer, Director of Wind Development, Wind Field Operations Manager, Wind Project Site Manager, Renewables Account Representative, and Wind Power Forecaster/ Wind Resource Assessor. While these positions require 3-5 years of experience they all have entry level assistant positions.

See the Catalog for Course Descriptions.

  • Marina Gonzales, Wind Energy Curriculum Specialist