Texas Community Colleges
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Fine Art Activities

Student artists stay busy at WTC. They show off their skills working our face painting booth at the Fall Festival. This is an annual event that helps raise money for the United Way.

In March, the Art Department hosts the Annual West Texas High School Art Competition. We have a series of workshops for the students and their teachers, the Theater Department presents a play, and then we pass out awards for 2-D and 3-D work. It’s a crazy day, but the work is always spectacular. Best of show in 2010 went to Aaron Hollingsworth from Wylie High in Abilene, TX.

In May, we’ll end the year with a group exhibition. Last year, it was a mural design contest to beautify the Snyder downtown square. The prize of $1000 went to Lacy Burress.

The summer begins with a trip to the largest city within 500 miles to take in galleries, museums, and other attractions. Last year was a trip to Fort Worth. Any interested student (you need not be proficient, just interested in art) can help with our various fund-raisers in order to get a seat on the bus.

In the summer, we also host an Upward Bound group. Students spend a month making a variety of art pieces such as Earth Art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, and Silhouette paintings inspired by Kara Walker.

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