RTVB 2431
Audio/Radio Production III
  1. Basic Course Information:
    1. Course Description: Advanced concepts in audio/radio recording and editing. Includes digital editing, sound processing systems, and multi-track mix-down recording techniques
    2. Any required prerequisites:  Completion of Audio Radio Production I or concurrent enrollment in Audio Radio Production II
  2. Student Learning Outcomes: Operate audio editing hardware and software; select and place microphones for various recording scenarios; and create and complete productions that integrate the skills and concepts of multi-track mix-down techniques.
  3. Major Course Requirements
    1. Major Requirement 1: Class attendance and self time management essential to successful completion of course. Students will subject to weekly task checks to make sure adequate progress is being made. Learning of Pro Tools and Audition is critical to case load logjams of peers.
    2. Major Requirement 2: Being part of this vocational program involves being part of a team of individuals learning & performing tasks to meet the obligations you have as a student, and the legal obligations required by the FCC and other governing bodies unique to a radio station, broadcasting over the air along with public service requirements.
  4. Schedule Announcement: This is a Tuesday - Thursday hybrid class. Tuesdays will be considered lab days, and Thursday will be lecture days. However, for first two weeks, we will meet both days. Student projects may be in conjunction with Audio Radio Production II projects, or be separate.
  5. Information on Books and Other Course Materials
    1. Required Book: Instructor will provide materials
  6. Other Policies, Procedures and important dates - Please refer to the WTC Course Catalog
  7. Course Organization and Schedule
Week Number

Section/Online Work

Week 1

Getting Started
Review Course Syllabus/ Semester Projects will be handed out .

Week 2

Training and review of software and equipment-Listen in class to samples

Week 3

PSA projects / Begin editing Shadows of the Caprock , help with recording

Week 4

Make sure PSA work is up to date

Week 5

Edit Shadows and meet with team leader

Week 6

Continue work on Shadows or other assigned project

Week 7


Week 8

Project work should be half completed – Instructor inspection

Week 9


Week 10

Projects, possible new assignments

Week 11

Project work

Week 12

Projects nearing completion-Instructor Inspection

Week 13


Week 14

Finish up projects produce copies of work on CD.

Week 15

Drop Dead Deadline

Week 16

Final Exam is completed Project

Disclaimer: Schedule and content is subject to change at the instructor’s discretion. Students will also note, the course schedule may follow Audio Radio Production II. Production III students may work with Production II students.



Last Modified: August 19, 2015