RTVB 2340
Portfolio Development

Western Texas College

  1. Course Description: Preparation and presentation of a portfolio suitable for employment in the media industry. This course is intended to be taken in the last semester.
  2. NOTE: This course is designed to be taken with the Academic Cooperative Class
  3. Student Learning Outcomes: Examine the fields of radio and television announcing; perform as an announcer in situations including public service announcements, commercials, news, and scripts; and provide critical analysis of performances.
  4. Measurement: Students will produce a written resume and audio portfolio of work suitable to be used in providing to prospective employers. Completion of this portfolio is essential to successful completion of this course. Any work performed in KGWB, or in commercial station internship may be used as part of the audio portfolio.
  5. Major Course Requirements
    1. Major Requirement 1: There will be reading, writing, and recording, including editing and producing audio CD.
    2. Major Requirement 2: Student will need to have recorded material of both on and off air production that can be edited for audio resume.
  6. Information on Books and Other Course Materials: Instructor will provide materials
  7. Other Policies, Procedures and important dates - Please refer to the WTC Course Catalog
  8. Course Organization and Schedule

This course is designed to have the student prepared for job
interviews and coincides with the Academic Cooperative Class.

Week Number

Section/Online Work

Week 1

Getting Started
Review Course Syllabus/ Discuss requirements of audio portfolio. Assignments of on air shifts.

Week 2

Complete writing of commercial script and recording of script.

Week 3

Write analysis and edit first audio resume piece.

Week 4

Meet to discuss on air performance and if applicable, sportscasts.

Week 5

Write Public Service Announcement and Record PSA.

Week 6

Analysis of PSA / Continue to Perform On air shift

Week 7

Write and discuss analysis of on air shift

Week 8

Provide Top 40 list in Three major music genres.

Week 9


Week 10

Perform On Air Shift / Continue compiling audio portfolio samples / Discuss written resume

Week 11

Write and discuss analysis of on air shifts/ Discuss job interviewing skills

Week 12

First Draft of Job Resume due

Week 13

Continue broadcasting duties as assigned. In and out of studio

Week 14

Finish final draft of resume and finish up audio resume. Required to have 10 tracks.

Week 15

Finish written and audio resume

Week 16

Final Exam - Turn in Written Resume and Audio Portfolio


Last Modified: January 17, 2014