Composition II

Western Texas College
 Department of English

  1. Basic Course Information
    1. Course Description:  Intensive study of and practice in the strategies and techniques for developing research-based expository and persuasive texts. Emphasis on effective and ethical rhetorical inquiry, including primary and secondary research methods; critical reading of verbal, visual, and multimedia texts; systematic evaluation, synthesis, and documentation of information sources; and critical thinking about evidence and conclusions.
    2. Prerequisites: English 1302 is a writing and reading intensive course. Students must complete English 1301 successfully, or receive permission to enroll from Department Chair.
  2. Student Learning Outcomes
    1. Demonstrate knowledge of individual and collaborative research processes.
    2. Develop ideas and synthesize primary and secondary sources within focused academic arguments, including one or more research-based essays.
    3. Analyze, interpret, and evaluate a variety of texts for the ethical and logical uses of evidence.
    4. Write in a style that clearly communicates meaning, builds credibility, and inspires belief or action.
    5. Apply the conventions of style manuals for specific academic disciplines (e.g., APA, CMS, MLA, etc.)
  3. Major Course Requirements
    1. The major research assignments will comprise the largest percentage of the final grade.
    2. Minor writing assignments will comprise a percentage of the final grade
    3. The final exam will comprise a percentage of the final grade.
  4. Information on Books and Other Course Materials
    1. Richard Abcarian. The Human Experience, Reading and Writing, 12th Edition.      ISBN 13: 9781457699931
    2. Recommended: an English dictionary
  5. Other Policies:  Please refer to the WTC Course Catalog for the following:
    1. Campus Calendar
    2. Final Exam schedule
    3. How to drop a class
    4. Withdrawal information
    5. Student Conduct/Academic Integrity
    6. Students with disabilities
    7. PLAGIARISM: Essays must be submitted electronically to the plagiarism-checking site Turnitin.com. Under WTC policy, plagiarism may result in the student being dropped from class. Students suspected of plagiarism will be consulted. Students found guilty of plagiarism will be dropped.
  1. Course Organization
Week One: First Day Handouts
Department Pre-test
First writing assignment
Week Two: Pre-tests evaluated
Lab assignments made
Introduction to Fiction
Fiction--Plot and Characterization
Week Three: Fiction—Theme and Point of View
Week Four: Fiction---Irony
Week Five:
Fiction—Symbolism, Allegory, and Fantasy
Week Six: Poetry---speaker, word choice, diction, title, dialect, connotation vs. denotation
Week Seven: Poetry—imagery
Week Eight: Poetry—figurative language
Week Nine: Mid-term
Week Ten: Introduction to MLA
Week Eleven: MLA-style and Research
Week Twelve:
MLA-style and Research
Week Thirteen: MLA-style and Research
Week Fourteen: Drama
Major Research Assignment Due
Week Fifteen: Review
Week Sixteen: Final Exam

Disclaimer: the above schedule, policies, procedures, and assignments in this course are subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstance.



Last Modified: October 2, 2017