ELMT 1307
Smart Grid Fundamentals

Western Texas College

  1. Course Information:
    1. ELMT 1307 Smart Grid Fundamentals
  2. Required Textbooks - Book: Smart Grid Fundamentals Author: James Monoh ISBN:978-0-470-88939-8
  3. Prerequisites - None
  4. Course Information - An introduction to Smart Grid technologies with an emphasis on utility distribution solutions and consumer solutions.
  5. Student Learning Outcomes - Explain the concept of Smart Grid; identify benefits of implementing Smart Grid solutions; describe Smart Grid and energy management implementation to the customer; describe utility Smart Grid implementation; and identify Smart Grid security mechanics.
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    3. Midterm Exam 25%
      Final Exam    25%
      3 Article Reviews  25%
      Quizzes 15%
      Forum Posts  10%
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    1. Class attendance will be taken weekly.
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    3. Students shall coordinate anticipated absences with the instructor.
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    1. This course will be taught in a online classroom environment.  Students will come to class prepared to participate in the learning process and that part of this preparation will include the demonstration of mature and purposeful behavior.  The College Code of Conduct and College Academic Integrity Policies will be followed with no exceptions.
  11. Course Schedule



Topic Covered**

Assignments and Tests**


Week 1



Unit 1
Smart Grid Architectural Designs

Week 2

Today’s Grid vs the Smart Grid:
Standards, Enviroment, Economics and more



Week 3

Stake Holders, Functions of Smart Grid Components


Unit 2
Smart Grid Communications and Measurement Technology

Week 4

Wide Area Management Systems
Smart Meters
Multiagent Systems Technology


Unit 3
Performance Analysis Tools for Smart Grid Design

Week 5


Article Review1

Unit 4
Stability Analysis Tools for Smart Grid

Week 6



Unit 5
Computational Tools for Smart Grid Design

Week 7




Week 8 October13-17


Mid Term

Unit 6
Pathway for Designing Smart Grid

Week 9 October 20-24




Week 10

Distribution System Automation Requirements for the Power Grid

Article Review 2

Unit 7
Renewable Energy and Storage

Week 11



Unit 8
Interoperability, Standards, and Cyber Security

Week 12



Unit 9
Research, Education, and Training for the Smart Grid

Week 13


Article Review 3

Unit 10
Case Studies and Testbeds for the Smart Grid

Week 14



What have we learned?

Week 15

Exam Review



Week 16



**Please Be Aware there are readings, for the week , Forum posts and a weekly quiz will be on Moodle that will be due by Friday of that week.



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