WTC 4.6 Narrative
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Section 4:  Federal Requirements


Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institutionís practices and policies.

Partial Compliance


Western Texas College consistently develops recruitment materials and presentations that represent the institution’s practices and policies. Chaired by the Dean of College Advancement, the Institutional Marketing Team reviews and approves all materials and presentations of the institution and ensures that all materials are consistent and reflect the College Mission Statement (LINK) as approved by the institution’s Board of Trustees.

Prospective students are provided informational material by the Recruiting Office. This includes an Admission Packet, (LINK) which consists of an Application for Admissions, information regarding Housing, Tuition and Required Fees, and Scholarships. Prospective students receive also a current Catalog, (link) Workforce Program CD (link), Recruiting DVD (link), and View Book (link).  Items that are mailed yearly include a brochure mailed to prospective Junior Students,  (link) a Parent Letter mailed to parents of Senior Students with an enclosed cost comparison form, (link) a Postcard mailed to College Day student leads, (link) and an East Residence Hall Brochure. (link)   Admission and housing information can be found on the college's web site. (LINK)

Recruitment materials are reviewed and updated each academic year to reflect current policies and practices. The recruitment activities used to present this information to prospective students include campus tours, College Day programs at high schools, the WTC-sponsored College Day Program, and classroom presentations in high schools.

Evidence of Support:

College Mission Statement
Admission Packet
Workforce Program CD
Recruiting DVD
View Book
Junior Brochure
Parent Letter
Cost Comparison
East Residence Hall Brochure
WTC Web Site


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