WTC 3.9.3 Narrative
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Section 3:  Programs


The institution employs qualified personnel to ensure the quality and effectiveness of its student affairs programs .

Partial Compliance


Western Texas College provides a number of student services to enhance its educational program and mission.  These programs, most of which are under the direction of the Dean of Student Services, provide support to assist students in successfully attaining their educational goals.  The College employs qualified personnel to administer these programs as outlined in Board Policy 4151.2.   Academic qualifications for Student Services Division personnel are listed in Table 3.9.3.
The Dean of Student Services oversees the following departments: Counseling and Testing, Admissions, Office of the Registrar, Housing, Student Activities, and the TRIO grant programs (see Board Policy 2100, and Administrative Policy 2134). These programs enhance the students’ access to and participation in the educational programs of the college. 

A Counselor and Student Advisor staff the Counseling Center.  The Counseling Center provides academic advising services such as degree planning, course selection, and transfer guidance.  In keeping with Administrative Policy 2157, this office is also responsible for assisting students with disabilities and supervising the progress of international students. In addition, the Counseling Center provides college testing, which includes college entrance and placement tests, CLEP examinations, and examinations for students in on-line Virtual College of Texas courses.

The Associate Registrar directs all services within the Office of the Registrar.  This individual maintains all student records including admission data, grades, and transcripts, and, in accordance with Administrative Policy 2141, is also responsible for processing and certifying all state reports required by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.  The Associate Registrar has an Associate of Arts degree and has worked in the department for 26 years, 13 of which have been as the Associate Registrar.  The Admissions Advisor is responsible for the Admissions Office.  This individual compiles admissions records and other student records, and determines eligibility for admittance.

Various grant programs are also under the supervision of the Dean of Student Services.  These services are collectively called TRIO and include Talent Search, Upward Bound, and Student Support Services.  Each program works to enhance students’ opportunities to go to college and to be successful once enrolled.  Job descriptions of the directors of these programs are included in Administrative Policies 2143, 2144, and 2164, respectively. 

One service area that does not fall under the supervision of the Dean of Student Services is the Financial Aid Office.  The job description of the Director of Financial Aid is listed in Administrative Policy 2150.  The Chief Financial Officer oversees this department.

In September 2005, Western Texas College upgraded its security department to a Campus Police Department to better maintain a safe and secure campus environment for both personnel and students.   The WTC Police Department employs a Chief of Police, a full-time licensed policeman, and two trained part-time security officers

Many departments also have clerical support to assist in the delivery of services to students. Each clerical position meets or exceeds the minimum qualifications found in Board Policy 4151.1, Attachment 1.  These positions include the Counseling Secretary, Registration Secretary, Financial Aid Secretary, Talent Search Administrative Assistant, Student Support Services Administrative Assistant, Upward Bound Administrative Assistant, and Student Support Services Data Entry Clerk.

Evidence of Support:

Administrative Policy 2134
Administrative Policy 2141
Administrative Policy 2143
Administrative Policy 2144
Administrative Policy 2150
Administrative Policy 2157
Administrative Policy 2164
Administrative Policy 2194
Board Policy 2100, Attachment 3
Board Policy 4151.1, Attachment 1
Board Policy 4151.2, Attachment 1
Table 3.9.3:  Student Services Division Personnel Roster

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