WTC 3.8.3 Narrative
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Section 3:  Programs


The institution provides a sufficient number of qualified staff—with appropriate education or experiences both in library and/or other learning/information resources—to accomplish the mission of the institution.

Partial Compliance


Sufficient Library Staff
A group of six community colleges comparable in size to Western Texas College was selected as a benchmark for determination of staffing needs.  The total size of the collections in comparison to the total staff, librarian staff, and support staff were considered.  Based upon the averages for the seven colleges (including WTC), the library staff is sufficient.

Qualified Library Staff

Library staff qualifications are designated in the Western Texas College Institutional Policy 2131 of the Institutional Policy Manual and are in compliance with the Association of College and Research Libraries Guidelines for Distance Learning Library Services
A librarian holding a master’s degree from an ALA-accredited library school administers and supervises the WTC library facility, collection, and personnel.  The current Director of Library Services holds an MSIS degree in Information Studies.  The director is the primary provider of orientations and reference assistance as well as technical services oversight. The director also develops the collection and the facility.  The director additionally generates reports, research guides, other support releases, and programs. 
The Public Services Supervisor holds a high school diploma and certificates of completion for a variety of library training workshops qualified by 26 years of service at the WTC library.  This employee generates personnel schedules, processes purchase orders and invoices, maintains the interlibrary loan service, and enters cataloging data into the online catalog. 

The two library technicians have completed equal levels of education.  One holds an A.A. degree and has worked at the WTC library for four years.  The other holds an A.A. degree and is a recent WTC library employee.  All paraprofessional employees provide limited reference assistance, regular circulation assistance, and technical services support.   

The three paraprofessional library employees receive regular tutoring from the Director of Library Services, and the full-time Public Services Supervisor continues to participate in on-line or off-site training provided by the regional Big Country Library System. 

The library falls under the guidance of the Associate Dean of Distance Learning, who has a combination of 31 years of experience in education and business.

Completing the library staff are positions for two college work-study student assistants.  They help to shelve media, maintain the clipping file, circulate media, and process cataloged media.

Support of Mission

The Western Texas College mission statement states that the college will provide support for educational programs, faculty, and students through library, media services, and technology departments (link to MS, #7).  Based upon library survey results, comparisons to libraries in similar institutions in our area, board policy, and A.C.R.L. guidelines, Western Texas College is providing adequate library staff to support the mission of the college.

Evidence of Support:

Library survey results

Library staff roster

Library comparison chart

Board policy 2131

ACRL guidelines

WTC mission statement

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