WTC 3.7.4 Narrative
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Section 3:  Programs


The institution reserves adequate procedures for safeguarding and protecting academic freedom.

Partial Compliance


Western Texas College Board Policy 4142 protects and safeguards academic freedom.  The policy states, in part, “Each faculty member is entitled to full freedom in the classroom in discussing the subject which he/she teaches as long as he/she is within the bounds of common decency and good taste.  Each faculty member is free from institutional censorship or discipline to speak or write as a citizen of his/her nation, state, and community.”

Board Policy 4142 is repeated in the Faculty Handbook, p. 21.  (LINK)

In addition, an extensive presentation of college policy concerning intellectual properties is set forth in Board Policy 4142.1.  Paragraph A.4 notes that the policy attempts  “to protect and promote the traditional freedom of Western Texas College’s faculty, staff, and students in matters involving intellectual property and trade secrets; seeks to balance fairly and reasonably the equitable rights of authors, inventors, sponsors, and Western Texas College; and attempts to ensure that any Intellectual property in which Western Texas College has an equity interest is utilized in a manner consistent with the public interest.”

To facilitate freedom of access to information, the college does not use network content filters except to eliminate viruses and other malware.

The college has not experienced any issues concerning academic freedom to date.

Evidence of Support:

Board Policy 4142
Board Policy 4142.1
Faculty Handbook, page 21.

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