WTC 3.7.3 Narrative
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Section 3:  Programs


The institution provides evidence of ongoing professional development of faculty as teachers, scholars, and practitioners.

Partial Compliance


Faculty members at Western Texas College are offered various opportunities to participate in professional development options such as a state-initiated professional development, with the leading state provider being STARLINK, an agency of the Texas Association of Community Colleges.  STARLINK produces a series of live professional development, satellite-broadcast videoconferences each year.  Further, a changing menu of more than fifty additional streamed videoconferences from STARLINK’s library of almost two hundred, are available at any given time.  STARLINK also has a growing library of select program segments that succinctly address specific topics.  The Texas Collaborative for Teaching Excellence, of which STARLINK is a member, enables statewide sharing of professional development resources and provides access at its website to a rich array of professional development modules and resources. 

Faculty professional development is further extended through participation in professional organizations and related conferences, such as Texas Community College Teachers Association (TCCTA), which provides instructors opportunities for growth and development at the Leadership Conference or Annual Convention. Various professional development opportunities are offered through section meetings designed around the needs of the individuals within the section or subject area.  Section leaders establish programs based upon member requests and current topics or issues within the industry allowing the members to develop skills and knowledge of current issues within the industry.  Additional opportunities are offered through alternative professional associations or further coursework completed within an individuals subject area. 

Faculty members are evaluated on participation in professional growth and development as documented in Board Policy 5600, 3, section d.  (LINK)

Evidence of Support:

Professional Development Plan

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