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Section 3:  Programs


The institution defines and publishes general education requirements for its undergraduate programs and major program requirements for all its programs. These requirements conform to commonly accepted standards and practices for degree programs.

Partial Compliance


All Associate of Arts and Associate of Arts in Teaching degrees at Western Texas College require completion of 62 credit hours.  All programs for the A.A. and A.A.T. degrees are listed both in the printed and on-line catalogs of the college. (link to catalog, pp.62-70)  Students in the A.A. and A.A.T. degrees must also satisfy the Core Curriculum requirements in order to graduate.  The core includes 46 credit hours of course work from 9 institutionally-designated areas including English composition, mathematics, natural sciences, visual/performing arts, humanities, behavioral sciences, communication, computer science, and health and physical education.   Students in Distance Learning classes, including courses offered by the Virtual College of Texas, follow the same requirements as published in the college catalog.  If a student successfully completes the entire core curriculum at Western Texas College and then transfers to a Texas four-year institution, all courses in the core curriculum will transfer and the student receives full academic credit for all courses in the core curriculum.  No distinction is made for coursework taken by Distance Learning and/or through the Virtual College of Texas.

Western Texas follows the requirements of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in establishing its curriculum, in accordance with guidelines in the Academic Course Guide Manual. (Link to ACGM)

Associate of Applied Science degrees require, in addition to departmental requirements, a 15-hour core of general education courses.  General requirements for the A.A.S. degrees are listed in the college catalog. (link to catalog, pp.69-70) Specific and detailed departmental degree requirements are also listed in the catalog. (link to catalog, pp. 94-122)  All degree and certificate programs are guided by industry-specific advisory committees which are charged with ensuring that course work is appropriate and current.  In addition, all workforce education programs comply with the Workforce Education Course Manual. (Link)

? – This might also include mention of the Curriculum Committee and its responsibilities/function, make up, and submission to the Dean of Academic Instruction???

Evidence of Support:

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