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Section 3:  Programs


The institution provides appropriate academic support services.

Partial Compliance


The college provides a full compliment of academic support services appropriate for a comprehensive, open-door community college. These include counseling and career advisement, disability services, testing services, library services, information technology support, distance learning assistance, developmental courses, supplemental instruction, and a required study skills class. (See college catalog for descriptions of services.)

WTC pays particular attention to VCT and other distance students by the placement of the Admissions Officer in the same office with the Assistant Director of Distance Learning (? – correct?).  Their office in turn, is immediately adjacent to counseling services.  In addition, the Director of Testing is located in the Counseling Office and provides a secure location for students taking tests.  The Counseling Center also offers assistance for students with disabilities, and for those in need of referrals for help in math, reading, and English.

In 2005, WTC received a Student Support Services grant, one of whose objectives is to provide tutoring services for WTC students, and the Student Services division has subsequently established tutoring and other academic support services through this grant.

To provide further service to incoming students in the fall semester, 2005, the college began a three-hour psychology class ( PSYC 2315) designed to provide an orientation to college life and to improve student success.  Students in this required course learn a multitude of life skills and practical skills that are needed for college.

WTC is currently in the planning stage for a major renovation of the Learning Resource Center.  The objective of this renovation is to make the LRC more student friendly for all students, whether on campus or in distance learning courses. (? – any comments on this since change has already begun and continues?)

The Western Texas College library, (link to library on web page) which is housed in the Learning Resource Center building, ensures appropriate academic support not only for on-campus students, but also for distance learning and VCT students, by providing print and non-print media, contracted databases, and delivery of documents via interlibrary loan.  Online access to both the library catalog and databases are available.  Assistance in use of these resources is provided online, by e-mail, fax, telephone, or on-site.

WTC technology support staff maintains the college network, servers and personal computer systems for access to technology.  The college’s web page has several links for off-campus students, including the Distance Learning link.  (link to  Computers are available for students to use in the library, student lounge, math lab, English/reading lab, and other places across the campus. (?—should the and other places be removed?)

Individual instructors have developed questionnaires that will help students to determined whether Distance Learning course are right for them.  An example can be viewed at the line. (link to

Western Texas College operates, maintains, and plans for college facilities.  Personnel submit facility needs to the appropriate dean or director of each department, and every individual has opportunity to provide input into the planning and evaluation process.  Recommendations and requests are presented to the Administrative Staff for approval.  Surveys are administered to the student s and faculty/staff, and the results are compiled and analyzed.  These results are also included in the planning process. (? – what is the purpose of these comments in this section?)

An Annual environmental survey has been given for the past 3 years.  Students gave a rating of 4.0 (out of 5.0) to “the quality of library services.”  Additionally, off-campus students gave a rating of 4.1 (out of 5.0) to “the extent to which students are pleased with their educational experience at WTC.”

(Most borrowed from the VCT report (omitted in this section) and ?’s listed have need for a new look or clarification since the first report was written --- OR NOT. Lb

Evidence of Support:


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