WTC 3.4.2 Narrative
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Section 3:  Programs


The institution's continuing education, outreach, and service programs are consistent with the institution's mission.

Partial Compliance


Western Texas College's Workforce department provides continuing education and outreach and service programs which are consistent with the College's mission as a public community college that provides “training and retraining programs to prepare the workforce for current and future technology, and to provide opportunities for social and cultural growth for the entire community”.
The diverse population demands a variety of training needs. These needs are identified and prioritized through consultation with advisory groups, agencies, organizations, and community leaders.  To meet these needs, WTC reaches out to numerous constituents for collaborative opportunities.  The most recent and active collaborations include Snyder Independent school district, Texas State Technical College, Cogdell Memorial Hospital, Development Corporation of Snyder, West Central Texas Workforce Development Board and Texas Workforce Commission.

Training needs are marketed, delivered and evaluated by the WTC workforce director and are coordinated according to three operating areas: (a) continuing/adult education, (b) non-credit programs offered at various locations, including the Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison units, and (c) services offered to the community through the Development Corporation of Snyder.  In general, WTC provides continuing education training in workforce preparation skills, personal enrichment, pre-college basic academic training, and other training to meet specific needs of business, industry and to support professional individuals and career groups in obtaining updated skills.  Information on the Western Texas College Workforce Education opportunities may be found in the Student Catalog (pp.118-119) or online at .

Training is delivered through classroom presentations, hands-on experiences, distance learning, tutoring, guided clinical opportunities, and contract training. Training occurs on the WTC campus, at business and industry sites, within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison system, at community centers, at sites provided by area Development Corporation, at local public and private school facilities, and at other appropriate sites as needed.  This demonstrates the variety of offerings provided by WTC.  Courses are published in the newspapers of the surrounding area when offered and schedules of semester courses are delivered and posted at the prisons for student review.  In addition student catalogs may be found in the prison libraries for student review.

The Adult Education (AE) program provides basic literacy skills to adults, including ESL training. The basic information about AE programs can be found on the WTC website at on page 119 in the Student Catalog.

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