WTC 3.2.8 Narrative
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Section 3.2  Governance and Administration


The institution has qualified administrative and academic officers with the experience, competence, and capacity to lead the institution.

Partial Compliance


Western Texas College has competent, qualified, and experienced administrative and academic officers, all of whom have the capacity to perform their appropriate leadership functions.  Western Texas College Administrative Policy 2110, I, A, 5, 6, and 7 (LINK—Note:  this is not BOARD policy 2110) clearly defines the responsibilities and authority of the President of the college for institutional personnel.    The recruitment, selection, and oversight of personnel through are directed to the President in Board Policy 4111 (LINK) and Board Policy 2100.  (LINK)  

All administrators hold appropriate degrees and experience for their respective positions, as shown in the Roster of Administrative Personnel. (LINK)  All job descriptions for administrative personnel are located in the Institutional Policy Manual, Policies 2110-2200.  (LINK) Appropriate transcripts and credentials for all administrative personnel are located in each individual personnel file located in the President’s office.

As is discussed in Comprehensive Standard 3.2.1, Board Policy_2110 (LINK) provides for annual evaluation of the President by the Board of Trustees.  The two most recent evaluations of the president are noted in the minutes of the Board of Trustees meetings of June 13, 2005, and June 12, 2006.  In addition, Administrative Policy 4118 (LINK) provides that administrators must be evaluated “no less than every two years.” Administrative evaluations are held in strict confidence and are available in the office of the president of the college.

Evidence of Support:

Administrative Policies 2100 – 2200, Job Descriptions
Administrative Policy 2110, I, A, 5,6,7
Administrative Policy 4118
Board Policy 2100
Board Policy 2100, Attachments:  Organizational Charts
Board Policy 4111


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