WTC 3.2.7 Narrative
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Section 3.2  Governance and Administration


The institution has a clearly defined and published organizational structure that delineates responsibility for the administration of policies.

Partial Compliance


Western Texas College clearly defines and publishes an organizational structure which clearly shows the separate divisions with the institution in Board Policy 2100 (LINK to board policy 2100).  The organizational structure is delineated in attachments one through six of board policy 2100 (LINK to attachments 2100, 1-6).    The organizational structure is also displayed on the college web page, (LINK to organizational charts) the college catalog, (LINK to page 10, College Catalog) and the Faculty Handbook. (LINK)   Western Texas College employees (including adjunct instructional personnel) are further informed on the organizational structure of the college through meetings with the president, deans, associate deans and department head during in-service of faculty and staff at the beginning of each fall and spring term (August and January). (LINK to in-service schedules, fall / spring).

Evidence of Support:

Western Texas College Board Policy 2100
Western Texas College Boar Policy 2100, attachments 1-6
Western Texas Web page
Western Texas College Catalog, page 10
Western Texas College In-Service Schedules, Spring and Fall 2006

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