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Section 3.2.2 Governance and Administration

The legal authority and operating control of the institution are clearly defined for the following area within the institutionís governance structure: related foundations (athletic, research, etc.) and other corporate entities whose primary purpose is to support the institution and/or its programs.

Partial Compliance


There are no related corporate entities.  The Western Texas Foundation is a separately incorporated, 501 (c) (3) non-profit foundation created to support the educational mission and goals of Western Texas College. Board Policy 3280 (LINK) states that the Foundation “exists to provide leadership in fundraising for programs and activities which increase needed capital resources for the support of the institution, enhance the quality of education for WTC students and expand the educational opportunities for the entire community.”  The WTC Foundation is affiliated with the College, and, in accordance with Board Policy 3280, its Board is appointed by the WTC Board of Trustees.

As is described in Comprehensive Standard 3.2.12, the Chief Financial Officer, who reports directly to the President of the College, is responsible for overseeing all funds generated by the Foundation.  Policies governing the receipt of gifts to the Foundation are listed in Board Policy 3280. (LINK)   The Foundation Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws (LINK) were filed with the Secretary of State of Texas November 14, 1977. (LINK to Foundation Board minutes)  At that time, the foundation was named the Western Texas College Scholarship Foundation.  However, in 2003 the foundation expanded its functions to include collection and disbursement “of monies for student scholarships, educational and cultural activities, and campus facility improvement and development.”  Subsequently, the foundation filed a Certificate of Amendment (LINK) with the Secretary of State of Texas.

Evidence of Support:

Articles of Incorporation and By Laws – November 14, 1977
Board Policy 3280
Certificate of Amendment
Western Texas College Foundation Board Minutes – November 14, 1977



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